Thursday, 20 April 2017

Celebrating Lilly's first "Gotcha Day"

Today is the first anniversary of the day we got Lilly.

A lot has happened in her first year with us, and have to say we have come on very well with her socialisation. She is not perfect and will still woof at some dogs, others she ignores. We doubt she will ever meet and greet and run and play with dogs we meet while out for walks, but we accept that is part of who she is.

Today we took her out to do some geocaching. Not really done much with her, just bits and pieces when on holiday. It is quite difficult to concentrate on her as well as looking for caches, but now that she comes back most times to a call it is a little bit easier.

There was a new trail of seven put out along the River Ayr a few weeks back and so we decided to go and look for them. We have previously ( without the dog) done a lot of the others along the river a number of years ago. Nice to see somebody fill the gap along the recognised walk to keep up the interest for local cachers. We managed five of them before we turned back as the other two were near to a village and there were people walking their dogs, so we avoided spoiling her day.

The weather was ideal and made for a nice five mile walk.

The river was needed to rinse the dog off after we trailed through a rather muddy patch.

rather muddy at the beginning of the walk. 

down at the river 

sitting nice

with a cache

bottom of the boardwalk

helping me look for a cache

exploring some ruins 

This little dog does have a good life and it was the right decision to rescue her.

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