Saturday, 29 April 2017

Project 365 week 17

Been a busy busy week between one thing and another and I have to admit I am tired. Not been a lot of sewing going on due to lack of time, and one of the joys of a hobby is fitting it it when you have time. But it is my wee bit of therapy that chills and relaxes me so not been much relaxation time this week.
Not really complaining nice to see so much of the grandchildren and the extra work will pay for the holiday the first week in June.


No overtime today so took a diversion on the way home to pick up the last two caches from the trail we did with Lilly last week. Lovely sunny afternoon with a nice shine on the river

Sun on river Ayr


A walk over the fields after work.

in the field 


As I am doing holiday cover for the usual cleaner at the complex then I was in the town. I received a message to say there was a new cache launched just round the corner and so as I had time I went to get it. A joint FTF ( first to find) as I caught up with somebody else looking for it at the same time.
 DD1 was taking Bob to the hospital for blood tests etc as his allergies are getting way out of control despite everything she is trying. She did not want to have to take the three wee ones in with her so I met up with her at the hospital and took them on a mini adventure. Bob was not overly keen on the woods but Dinky enjoyed herself more.

sitting on the Goldilock chairs 


Something a bit different for lunch today, a mixed bag of basmati and wild rice with some oven cooked vegetables and gammon left from tea.

yummy lunch


Another cache launched while I was in working so just popped by to get it as well. Was the first to find this one. DD2 came down with Ziggy for a few days and we took a run to Saltcoats in the evening to pick up a computer chair for hubby. Took the dog a walk along the beach dunes while we were there.

look I am cute


Been an interesting day with the dogs. This time last year Lilly went mental at DD2's dog Jack and attacked him constantly and there was no way you could have the two of them in the same house. Well this time is much better, while she will growl when he stands up and stretches, ( and if the two of them were left alone I dont doubt she would attack him) she has been great with little growling and no attacking and has walked past him lying on the floor to get in and out of the room. She is turning her head away from him. Hugh improvements and I am really pleased with this.

Ziggy, Lilly and granddad 


No overtime today as babysitting Ziggy tonight. When mummy and daddy had gone out we had some playtime, followed by a bath before stories and bedtime. It is a portable bath that we use in front of the fire as we don't have a bath in the bathroom. Have to say she is a great baby - very content, but I am quite pleased she stayed with us considering she does not really know us as she has not been down for a few weeks.

splashing in the bath


  1. I am loving all the geocache terminology! Looks like lovely countryside too. #365

    1. lots of lovely countryside, you would like Ayrshire lots to see and do for kids.

  2. Ziggy is so cute. Not seen a portable bath before like that. Hope Bob's allergies get sorted soon

    1. the portable bath is great, the legs fold in and it all folds flat for transport and storage.

  3. You have some wonderful countryside on your doorstep don't you, stunning. Well done on all the caching. Must be a buzz when you are ftf #365

  4. Ziggy is adorable! It sounds like it's been a good week for caches for you. Sorry to hear about Bob's allergies getting so bad. I hope there is a solution to help him.

  5. really pleased to see Lilly has settled down and in so well

  6. awwww Ziggy is a cutie and I love the photo of her sat with Lily and Grandad and the of her sat in her bath. Great week for finding moire caches and lovely to get out and about finding them. Sorry to read about Bob's allergies being so bad, I hope it can be sorted for him x

  7. That is good Lilly has settled down and doing so well. Aww Ziggy is such a wee cutie. Sorry to hear about Bob's allergies, I hope they ease up soon xx


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