Saturday, 1 April 2017

Project 365 week 13

Well a quarter of a way through the year and into the lighter nights and evening walks. Makes for more interesting pictures.


No overtime today. It was a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon so when hubby picked me up ( he had kept the car) we went for a lovely sunny walk.


Bob had GP appointment at the same time as the twins were due out of nursery. So I picked up Spud and Little J who daughter was watching for a few hours and went and picked them up. When DD1 told them I was picking them up Minky was excited and told me he loved Grandma and Dinky was not amused as she does not. Minky was excited to see me but Dinky's face was tripping her and she would not talk to me. Until I mentioned lets go to the park, and that was it as happy as Larry and we had a great half hour in the sunshine.
Later on we took Bob into town for a night of Bowling with the Scouts, well he bowled with some of the leaders but the rest of the children did laser quest which Bob cannot do as he cannot see in the dark. We have had some beautiful sunsets the last two nights, but tonight was disappointing. Here is hubby taking a few pictures.


One of the joys of having grandchildren old enough to be clever. Fifi and Bob chose the component parts for my Mothers Day present, and made them up all by themselves. I am hoping they survive as I am not good with real plants. But it looks beautiful sat on the table.


Hubby is to be best man at a friends wedding in May. The wedding is on Arran and apparently the ferries can be busy and we may struggle to get the car on, so we have booked our tickets to make sure. DD2 and DD3 put together the money to pay for them for my Mothers day pressie. We have never been to Arran before and decided to make the most of the dog/house sitter that volunteered to come and stay and are going for the week to explore and geocache. Looking forward to it.


DD3 is away to see Ghost the musical in Glasgow. But she forgot to pick her ticket up and would not have time to bus home and back into town to get the train, so I volunteered to pick her up and run her. She would do the same for any one of us.

This is the cute husky puppy her in-laws have just acquired


Watching the twins while DD1 takes Bob to Centrestage. We went to the library as I wanted some more audiobooks. We sat and read half a dozen books and then went to the park.  I asked them to stand nice while I took a picture - hmmmm maybe not.


Finally got round to ordering labels for my pieces of applique. Who knows one day I may be famous and these labels will verify the items are

ps there has been quilting going on during the week. I got these done.These were all ordered by the same person, will be delivered on Monday and this will get the ball rolling for the money coming in for the charity.


  1. How cute is the husky?! Have an amazing time in Arran! Sounds like it will be a lovely break. I had to laugh at Dinky being grumpy - reminds me so much of my 4yo niece who 'doesn't like' my mum! Love the photo of your husband taking photos of the sunset.

  2. I am loving the lighter nights and warmer days...It makes it so much easier to get photos. That really is a lovely sunset.
    That plant looks lovely. What a great gift. I am no good with plants either.
    Aww! The twins are just too cute.

  3. Ooh Arran is lovely. We went when we were teens but only for a fleeting visit. That husky pup is so sweet too.

  4. I'm envious of your Arran trip - I would love to go. Such a cute puppy!

  5. I like the light evenings too. But best is light mornings to go to work!
    The twins look really cheeky at the library!!

    1. they were very cheeky at the library, but cute

  6. The quilting looks fab, as does the light in that sunset shot. Glad a trip to the park met with everyone's approval in the end #365

  7. Hi! Cool Project! I wish you a strong mind, you'll get it! ;)...actually we're in passeiertal wandern , also a little project for us :D....thanks for your post and best wishes ;) Maria ( )

  8. Loving all the quilting!

    That mothers day gift is creative! I think it so much better when they make the effort to make something themselves.

    I want that husky! So cute

  9. I get this with my boys now whenever I try to get a nice photo of them - just silly faces! drives me insane!
    I love your appliqu├ęs - you are so creative and generous with your time for such a lovely cause.
    The husky is cute but having a puppy now, makes me think such hard work for its owners! x

  10. Oh, the husky! Beautiful! I get the silly faces all the time too :) Love the quilting projects x

  11. what lovely mother days gifts, you really do have a lovely family, all helping one another out. enjoy Arran


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