Monday, 7 May 2018

Using up Shredded wheat #Kitchenclearout

I am trying to cut down hubby's sugar intake at breakfast time, most of the cereals he eats are 13g per 100g of sugar or higher and so I thought if I bought him some mini shredded wheat he could mix some of them in with his sugary cereal and not really notice. But him being him decided that he did not like them, without even trying to mix them in with others and so thy have sat in the cupboard for a while. I opened the box as I have used some at supper time with yoghurt but as I eat fridge porridge every morning they were just sat there and it seemed a shame to waste them.

I generally make/bake lunch to take to work at the weekends as the only think I can guarantee the canteen at the hospital will have I can eat is chips. Some weeks there are other choices from a food intolerance/allergy issue I can eat but no guarantee I will like the option. So packed lunch it is for me.

Anyway with this in mind I decided to make dairy free shredded crispie cakes with added sultanas. I would have added chopped apricots as well but I did not have any. I like to soak my dried fruit in a cup of tea before hand for an hour or more  as I find they are tastier and plumper. Drain the fruit when ready to use.

So I put some shredded wheat into a bag and crushed them with a rolling pin.

I then put some dairy free chocolate into a bowl and popped it into the microwave to melt. I don't buy the "free from" chocolate as I find most of the supermarkets white label own brand dark chocolate is dairy free.

Stir the crushed Shredded Wheat and the drained fruit into the melted chocolate and mix well. Once the consistency is to your liking put the mixture into cake cases.

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  1. Ahh this is what we make at Easter to look like nests and fill them with Mini Eggs - I have some cereal lurking in the kitchen too, so I should follow your lead :) Thanks for linking up xx

    1. yes I never thought of that, usually make them with cornflakes or rice krispies but these were very tasty


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