Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Dixie dog goes to .......Eglinton Park

Had a few bits and pieces to do today and so we headed to Irvine to do them and then as the weather is still very warm rather than walking on the beach in the direct sun we went to Eglinton Park so we could walk under the trees and along the river so Dixie could get a drink whenever she wanted one. We did a leisurely 4.5 mile walk. 

So here are a selection of photos from the walk today.

Its a while since we have been here and there are a number of pleasing changes that have happened since we were last here.

cut down trees cut to shape 

in the bottom of the tree

down at the river 

at the fishing pond 

Eglinton Castle through the trees 

calf having a drink

Dixie watching the cows 

cows in the fields 

a dragon fly 

on the wall at the castle 

having a break, having an ice cream

a painted rock we found in the village 

got left near the cafe area. 

trip trap trip trap

relaxing for ten minutes 

crossing the ford.

I have to wonder when did they start building the houses down the white bridge end of the park?

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