Saturday, 6 October 2018

Project 365 week 40.

Well I have to say it is simple things in the blogging world that make me happy. When Fiona did her last Country Kids I was chosen as her favourite for the very last week run by her and last week I had the honour of being one of four picked as favourites for last weeks #MySundayPhoto by Darren. My post is here if you want a look. 

Anyway the week has been busy busy and I am not really sure where it has gone. But has been a positive week.

A few bits of colouring in one of the books as well as some cross stitching has also been going on. .


A nice little win, picked this up on the spur of the moment when I put diesel into the car. Not really sure what to do with it just yet but will hold onto it until I decide.

£40 win


A wander round Auchincruive with the dog before home for some tea.  Whilst we were there we took a bag and picked up some windfalls from the apple tree. Lots and lots of bigger redder ones still too high to reach so will go back again.

We had been throwing apples for Dixie to chase, as with a ball she will chase it but not bring it back. Here she is with her head in the bag of apples.

snuffling in the bag


I had a phone call from the phone shop to say they had my phone back but had not managed to sort the problem. So I was to go in and collect it. They were decent enough to give me back what they had charged in the first place as it was still broken, so I offered it to them for spares and got a bit more.
So a friend of mine took pity on me and bought me a new phone as an early birthday/Christmas present. I bought the cover myself. Cant get a decent picture of the phone as it is just reflecting back at me.

an owl phone case 


Yeeeehhhhh must be nearly halloween There are pumpkins in the shops... spicy.pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins will be made.

Another just before tea walk. We were surprised to see some of the trees actually developing new buds, thought this was suppose to happen in the spring not Autumn.
New phone takes quite a clear photo.

new buds


Cashed in my nice little win, so while we were in Irvine at the beach park walking the dog we decided to visit a couple of charity shops and picked up a few bargains. Had planned another walk after shopping but by then it was torrential in Irvine. Was dry time we got back to the village and so we went round the fishery. I had a committee meeting at 7pm and then phoned hubby to meet me after the meeting and took the dog another walk,at this time of night now was an on the lead walk round the streets.

spot the dog in the middle, was a grey and windy day

I then spent the rest on myself and ordered a fitness tracker with the balance of the money, some very reasonable priced ones for sale with good reviews if you avoid the big names. Comes with a two year warranty so should be ok.


Half a day spent hoovering, dusting and making food for the weekend .A big bowl of macaroni cheese as I was making cheese sauce for the lasagna. Also made a pot of spicy pumpkin soup and some sultana and pumpkin muffins.

Instead of doing the gymnastics run with Bob I decided to watch the three wee ones instead. Not seen much of them so it was nice. Also gives my daughter a break from their bickering and arguing. The twins are coming home from school knackered and this leads to tears and general unpleasantness.
So as I have a board game needing a review I took it down with me and we spent some time playing with it.

DD1 came back and picked up Spud and her and Spud went for their flu jabs. The twins will get theirs at school. They can't have the sniff as it is a live virus and it is far to big a risk for Bob.

Lets feed the hungry caterpillar game 


This year we are putting paid to spending masses on adults. Becoming more and more expensive as the amount of grandchildren increases.  So we decided that a secret Santa is in order this year and we will all buy for one adult with a set limit of £10.  Fifi picked out who each of us are to buy for and popped the names in an envelope for each of us.

and it would not be a secret if I


  1. Looks like a fun but busy week. Well done on your win ! :)

  2. Sounds like a good week all round! Nice bonus with the scratchcard win :) The photo of Dixie with her head in the bag made me smile, and the photo of the buds is beautiful, if a little surprising this time of year!

  3. It's always a thrill when your fellow bloggers show their appreciation of your blog. big well done on your win, you should buy more scratch cards! Sultana pumpkin muffins sound tasty, do you have a recipe? Dixie with her head in a bag made me chuckle.

  4. Well done you being picked as the favourite for My Sunday photo. It was a fab photo and well done on the scratchcard win. Lucky you.
    What a lovely friend you have. I love that phone case. So pretty.
    That's a great idea about the secret santa. x

  5. We stopped doing adults for Christmas a few years ago. Instead I just tend to do fudge or cookies for the family.

  6. We have decided not to do Christmas presents at all this year for any of the family, so I only have H to buy for. It is nice not to have the worry of it, but I think I might miss them on the day itself. Well done on your win.

  7. Well done on the win and using it to grab a few bargains. What a bugger about your phone but glad you've got something else sorted. I only buy Christmas presents for kids and have done that for years but the Secret Santa idea sounds like a good solution #365

  8. That's a great win on the scratchcard! Glad you managed to get a new phone sorted, hope this one will last you a long time!

  9. Well done on the scratch card win! We don't do Christmas but at Eid the presents are generally just for the kids and don't buy for the adults. Although my parents still give me money!

    Glad you managed to get a new phone. So nice of your friend to buy you one.

  10. I have never even done a scratchcard! I am really into my cross stitching at the moment making Christmas cards. Well done on your blogging achievements too #project365


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