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Finding Things For Your Four-Legged Friend To Do

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When you spend time with a dog, it’s easy to see why these animals are one of the most popular pets
in the world. They are very complicated, being able to express their emotions in ways which you’ll understand,
while also having the power to try and trick you when they have the chance. Of course, with this intelligence,
though, comes a need to keep the mind active. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of
the best ways to keep a dog satisfied with the activities they’re involved with each day.

On Regular Outings

Your dog should be going on at least a couple of walks each day, with this sort of activity being essential
to their health. Thanks to the regular nature of this sort of work, it can be very easy to let it become boring,
following the same route each day. Your dog will get far too used to this, though, and won’t have the chance to
take in new smells or sights. To keep this fresh, it will be worth varying your walking routes, choosing to go off
the beaten track to give your furry friend the chance to experience more than they would normally.
We are very lucky here with lots of parks and beaches as well as woods and a fishery to walk round.
We always take her out and about with us visiting new places and people.Here we took her to the
Falkirk area to see the Kelpies and meet a fellow blogger and her family.

Inside The House

Inside the home is where a lot of dog owners need this sort of post the most. When you have a bored
dog inside a house, they tend to do a lot of damage, working to destroy pieces of furniture and other
items until they get some attention. A good variety of dog toys can often be enough to solve this sort
of issue. When a dog has something to play with, it won’t need to look to the environment to provide
fun. Instead, they will happily enjoy the toys you give them, rather than having to make them for themselves.

With Other Dogs

Most breeds of dog are still very much pack animals, and will need some social time once in awhile to
satisfy this side of their personality. Giving your pooch the chance to see other dogs is a great idea,
providing them with the opportunity to play with and get to know one another. Of course, though, you will have to be careful here, as some animals won’t get along, and you should find yourself dealing with fights if you don’t use your head. Having to take them home because they go into a
scrap won’t be fun for anyone involved.

Something Sporting

Dogs have long been used in a wide range of sports for loads of different purposes, including as an
important team member. Of course, it’s unlikely that this is something you’ll want to throw your life
into, so it’s probably best to take it a little bit easy, using things like frisbees to capture the
attention of your dog. There are plenty of options to choose from, with some being better
for dogs than others. Whatever you choose, it will be a good idea to make sure that you can
do it all year round, as your pooch won’t be worry about things like winter.

Taking The Plunge

Swimming comes surprisingly naturally to a lot of dogs, and they will find it very easy to
paddle around in shallow water. There aren’t many public pools out there which will allow you
to bring your pet along. People can’t stop you from using lakes and the ocean, though, giving
you two very large options when it comes to choosing the perfect place for this. Like the
other areas, safety should always be on your mind throughout a process like this. While they
can swim quite well, they won’t understand the methods used to get out of traps like currents.

Providing Support

The activities your dog performs to add meaning to their life don’t have to be ones which
involve getting out of breath. There are a lot of hospitals and other medical companies
out there which are starting to use dogs as therapy animals, and they are often happy to
take any pooch on board, as long as they are able to behave. Offering this sort of service will
not only mean that your dog is doing something good, but it will also give them access to loads of different people, easily reaching their attention quota all the time.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start finding new things to do with your dog.
While walking them each day is a good idea, it’s often worth doing more than this, and you will see the difference in your dog very fast.

This is a collaborative post.

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