Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Six cousins go to the park

Last week when Ziggy was down with her mum and dad none of them were feeling particularly well and so on the Friday when SIL wanted to go into the town and get his hair cut and DD2 wanted to go back to her bed I took Ziggy down to DD1's and we all went the park.

DD1 lives a two minute walk from the park. The twins wanted to take their scooters and Spud and Ziggy decided to take the scuttlebugs. So we decide to go round the park the long way rather than taking one side of the square we went round three sides. But half way round they decided to head off across the grass. Unfortunately Spud could not manage the scuttlebug on the grass and abandoned it as Fifi was helping Ziggy with hers.

Dinky has never been the most adventurous child and was excited to show me she could go up the big slide. She will be five next month but only started going up it this week.

On the other hand Spud has been following Minky up there since she was about 18 months old.

So having them all with us means we had the older ones to help with the younger ones.

All of them like to use the bigger swings but the rule we have is you can only go as high as you can push yourself

Though Ziggy did ask to go " up the sky" and the answer was no top her as well.

Dinky has also started venturing up the ropes as well, does not quite make it to the top but higher than she use to go.

Proud of herself when she kept going up.

Fifi was amusing the two younger ones but nearly fell off backwards at one point as she is bigger then them and unbalanced the spring wobble roundabout.

Minky on the other hand was having lots of fun playing on the rest of the pieces of equipment and must have gone down the fireman's pole  dozens of times. A few times he did mange not to get the best hold and slide down rather quickly.

Dinky was quite happy to play at Ziggy's level. She is a much younger two than Spud and it notices when you have them together. But then Spud has older siblings to learn from and copy.

Dinky is getting incredible brave and playing on more things.

But Minky has no fear.

Ziggy had wanted on this swing as Spud had been on it but she was not quite big enough to manage to hold on so Bob went on with her and held her hands and pushed her. Love the way she is looking at him.

Back on the big swings, Spud on her tummy as she can move the swing this way.

She is even getting brave enough to climb over the bonnet of the truck.

She has been brave enough to jump,across the mushrooms for a long while and of course Spud copies her.

The twins went back to the swings but the younger two decided at that point that they wanted on them and they both had a strop.

Spud decided to strop on the slide.

Fifi decided to try surfing on the see saw, that I have to say DD1 and I had been playing on earlier.

But once the twins had finished on the swings Spud and Ziggy went back on.

Heading home

Dinky decided she did not want her scooter at one point so Spud went on it instead. Which meant Dinky started crying to have it back.

Pulling the scuttlebug was Ziggy's preferred mode of transport on the way home.

This photo just sums up our morning.....lots and lots of family fun and laughter.

Back to DD1's for some lunch and then we did some painting, but that is another blog post.

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  1. I can't believe how much the twins have grown up. I remember them as just little babies in the pram! Now look at them running around and enjoying the park. Where does the time go? So lovely to have the cousins all close enough for a trip to the park together like this. #CountryKids

    1. Tell me about it, they turn 5 in a few weeks and Fifi turns 16 a few days before them.

  2. That’s so lovely to see them all playing together. My son was at school before he’d brave the slides too #countrykids

    1. they play together very well with the older ones looking out for the younger ones.

  3. You can't beat the park when it comes to kids #CountryKids

    1. free fresh air and lots to do - what's not to love?

  4. Sounds like a lovely trip to the park for the cousins. Scuttlebugs aren’t the easiest things to manage on grass. Well done to Dinky on the ropes and for going down the big slide. Minky certainly sounds very adventurous and it looks like they all had a lot of fun. Lovely to have the older ones there to help with the younger ones too. That photo of Ziggy and Bob is adorable. I like your rule with the swings – might have to start using that one myself! Thank you for sharing with #CountryKids

    1. Minky has always been adventurous, much easier now he is older but quite worrying back when he was 2 or 3.

  5. Phew, you had your work cut out with all 6! It's great to see children of all ages playing together and so fascinating to see them all developing at different times and ages in their own unique way, some becoming adventurous later than others. I always say it's a sign of good parenting when all the kids in a household show their own different personalities and developmental differences. Well done DDs 1 and 2. And Gran of course! Thanks for letting us join in this fun day at the park via #CountryKids

    1. it is amazing how children with the same genetics not to mention upbringing/toys/education etc all turn out totally differently. Have to say it is interesting to watch twins develop.


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