Saturday, 24 November 2018

Project 365 week 47.


Fifi's birthday  sweet sixteen and a very lovely sixteen she is. A full day at work. I thought I had downloaded an episode of Criminal Minds to watch but the download must have failed. So I watched Paddington that Amazon put onto my kindle for me instead while I did some cross stitching. Have to say my kindle was a blogging gift a few years back and it used every day, or should that be night, when I use it to listen to audiobooks.


A walk round the fishery. Not quite sure why all the balloons were here but the dog was not keen on them at all.


Went for my smear test this afternoon. No more for five years if this one comes back normal, I suppose turning 60 next year has to have some benefits.
In the evening I went with DD1 and Fifi to her school where they had a show of last years art work that was put in for the highers and higher 5 exams. Very talented people.


The twins birthday, that is them now five. So after teatime I took their cakes and presents down for them. I need to buy some new baking tins when funds permit as Fifi's and Minky's cakes both broke coming out of the tin.
They are turning into amazing little people. Minky had changed into his new jumper he got from his other grandparents.


A run to Kilmarnock for hubby to pick up a pair of computer speakers and a wander round the charity shop as looking for new cake tins as all my cakes have been a disaster with sticking this week.
A walk round the fishery after lunch and then back to get stuck into the two bedrooms.
My back bedroom that Ziggy sleeps in has been fine for her when she was in her travel cot but now she is in a bed it is a dangerous space for her. So the plan is to clear all the sewing stuff out and make room for her toys etc.
So material is in the loft and toys have been moved through. The space under the spare double bed has been cleared. Need a few more lidded storage boxes to store other items and then get the table back down to where  it use to live. Also have a cot bed to assemble for her. They are not back until the 10th December so no desperate rush but don't want to leave it all too late in case something crops up.

This was taken part way through, room not quite this bad when visitors are here.


Another few hours spent sorting more stuff. A few bags full of rubbish and a pile started for the charity shop.
This evening we went to a Prize Bingo at the Bowling Club, nice to support local businesses. DD1 won a prize but she was the only one at our table.


Fed up of ended up tangles in wired headphones over night and I spotted DD1 had bought the twins headphones built into a headband, so I ordered myself one. They are great. Works by bluetooth so no cable and very comfortable when you get them on.


  1. Happy birthday to Fifi and the twins! The headphone headband looks really good. Good luck with sorting the room out! I hate doing stuff like that, luckily my husband is very good at it.

    1. I manage better sorting by myself, he just complicates matters.

  2. Happy birthday Fifi & the twins!
    Hooray for no more smear tests. I hope the results come back OK.
    Good luck with clearing the room. x

  3. Aww happy birthday Fifa and to the twins. Way to go with the cakes. Good luck sorting out the back room. Well done dd1 in the bingo win x

  4. fifi is very talented, can't believe the twins are now 5 and ziggy is in a proper bed, they grow so fast

    1. I agree Fifi is very good at her art. Tell me about it - no more than it is possible Fifi is 16

  5. Hope everyone enjoyed their birthdays. Good to know you still get smear tests going forward, I could have sworn the nurse told me i'd only get one more past fifty #365

    1. Maybe England is different than Scotland, I had one at 53,56 and this yr ( 29!!!) Bowel screening is different I know

  6. Hope everyone had a blast, celebrating their birthdays. The cakes look funky. The balloons on the ground are a disgrace. I haven't heard of headphone headbands before.

  7. The cakes were not the best but the kids liked the colours and the lollies added to the overall greatness of them.

  8. Happy Birthday to Fifi and the twins! Gosh 5 already!

    Those headband headphones look pretty cool. Never come across them before. Seem really practical.

  9. I love my Kindle but have now had to relinquish it to Zach until we decide to buy him one of his own. Thankfully my new phone has the Kindle app so I can read in bed every night #project365


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