Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Polar Plunge Irvine Coastwatch

Happy New Year to everybody.

Have to say this is not for me but Polar Plunges up and down the country are very popular. So we took a run along the coast to Irvine today to watch the one that Irvine Coastwatch  they organise in aid of charity. This is their second plunge, and last year we went along as well and they used video footage I took on their website.

It was a much nicer day today than last year was, though I don't suppose it feel warmer for the brave souls who were soaking wet. I did not think there were as many people dressed in costume this year. They also appeared to be in and out the water much quicker.

The crowds gather

waiting on the beach

But the sun was in the wrong place to stand on the higher vantage points. 

The two life guards wait.

Stripped off and waiting

These three ladies brought their own floats.

Ready steady go

On the way back out

Cold enough to attract the polar bears

Not to mention The Little Mermaids

Happy faces come out of the water

sticking together

 getting chilled while photos are taken

pink reflections

four back together

and sit down on the water again for the professional photographers

A very busy car park 

The coast guard volunteers head back to their vehicle

After we watched the plunge we went for a walk along the beach. Us and a few hundred other people, was nice to see the beach so busy. Was a great low sun for taking shadow pictures. 


  1. That is a very cooool thing to do on the New Year. I think we have one here but if you have to cut through ice to jump into water that could kill you I'm staying away. Fantastic photos and so funny. I think the polar bear and bottle of glue got it right, insulate and possibly float. Love the mermaids too. Had to laugh when the pooch barked at the water like, "No way, you people are crazy."

  2. Great photos and looks like a lot of fun if you don't mind the cold water.

  3. I've done these a few times before, IT'S SO COLD!!!!
    - www.theordinaryblogger.com


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