Saturday, 12 January 2019

Project 365 week 2

DD2 and Ziggy have been her for just over a week now. DD2 is very fed up and just wants it over. Ziggy has been remarkably well behaved considering she is out of her own environment and her own routine and not seen her dad or her dog all week. Apart from last night ( she fell asleep in the car on the way home)  she has been in bed with no hassle by 7pm.

The baby is still not here.


I decided to sign myself up to #Walk1000miles campaign to challenge myself to see if I can do this. I am hoping it will be quite easy but time will tell. I have a basic Fitbit that only counts my steps
but will look for another better one at the end of the month. Have tried a few cheap ones but found them very inaccurate. I have a health app that came on my phone but it does not seem to pick up a lot of the steps especially when my phone is in my uniform pocket. In all honesty all I need is a step counter.


I finished sewing this in my break yesterday and pulled off the waste canvas this evening. All part of the grandchild to be's baby afghan blanket. Not got a lot of sewing, or much else, done this week.
A wild and windy walk round the fishery in the afternoon.


These two are very fond of each other. Here they are rolling around the floor together. Sorry not the clearest picture but they were both moving.


Ziggy got up while her mum was still in bed. She started crying so I took her up to see her mum was asleep ( she wasn't but pretended to be)  and then dealt with her, at some point she is going to have to deal with this when her mum has the baby.  Plonked her on the couch in front of the tv with her breakfast while I got myself ready, not the best form of child care but she did not cry and she ate so all was well with the world.  I dropped her off at DD1's on my way out of the village to give her mum a break and give her somebody else to play with.

Hubby went out in the morning to scrap the car and warm it up before Ziggy and I got in it. He then ran it round the block. Here is Dixie dog watching for him coming back. Here is Ziggy reassuring Dixie that granddad will be back....was quite funny.

Took the dog a walk and then stopped off for hubby to pick up DD2 so she could get a run back up the hill.  Ziggy and I walked up the road as not room in the car for all of us and the dog as the dog cover makes the middle seat belt unusable. .


Took the dog for a 3 mile walk up to Auchincruive. This little dog has gained masses of confidence and gets so much out of her walks, Even happily goes in the river now.

In the evening we went round to The local community centre where they were doing training sessions on how to use a defibrillator. The training sessions were being run by the school as they raised the money and bought two of them for the village.  There is one at the school entrance as the football playing fields are there and the other one is down the fishery where we walk regularly.


Took DD2 up to the maternity unit but baby is still not engaged so will be a c section on Tuesday as previously planned. SIL2 is down now for the duration.

DD1 took Ziggy to soft play for the day and kept her until tea time.

So while we were waiting we went and did nearly three miles round Dean Park and then went for some lunch and then did approx 1.5 miles round the Kay Park.


Since last Sunday lunchtime I have done 30 miles, an average of 5 miles a day.
When did jelly tots change shape? They use to be flatish like chocolate buttons but much smaller, now they are the same shape as the jelly shapes in a dolly mixture packet, sort of dome shaped.

with the #walk1000miles I have done 30 miles between Sunday lunch time and bed time last night, an average of 5 miles a day.


  1. It must be so frustrating for your daughter waiting for the baby. The photos of Ziggy and Dixie are so cute.
    It sounds like you will hit that 1000 miles in no time! This year I'm aiming to run over 100 miles - I think I did 924 last year and I'm running a marathon this year, so it will really add up.

  2. What beautiful places you have to walk Dixie. Love the photo of Ziggy and Dixie together. I hope all goes well on Tuesday #365

  3. Sounds like you've had a busy week entertaining Ziggy, I've said it before, but I hope your children realise how lucky they are to have such a wonderful mum, I can't say I've notice the difference in Jelly Tots, I shall have to get myself a packet just to check! Its so lovely to see how confident Dixie is now, I remember the first posts last year, she is beautiful. Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery on Tuesday x

  4. It must be frustrating for your DD that the baby is not here yet. Hope the c-section goes smoothly on Tuesday. Did she have one before? Both mine were cesareans, the 2nd one was planned, and it was the right decision for me. Well done for signing up with the walking campaign. Love your cross stitch, it's very pretty.

  5. Aww! Your poor daughter. I hope she has the baby. It's no fun waiting. I hope Tuesday goes OK.
    Good luck with the walking. I am sure you can do it! You made a fantastic start on the 1000 miles this week!
    It looks like Dixie is having a great time with the little one. It looks like they get on so well.

  6. I hope your daughter goes into labour soon. Way to go on signing up with the 1000 miles, you’re off to a great start. Dixie is having the best time xx

  7. May the pregnancy go well. Babies seem to have agendas all of their own!

  8. Aww love that picture of Ziggy reassuring Dixie! So sweet!

    That challenge sounds good! Well done on signing up and good luck..I should do something like that

  9. wow that's a lot of walking, i'm sure quite a few steps were added chasing ziggy around the house also

  10. I like the idea of the walk1000, maybe I'll join in next year (I have absolutely NO idea how many steps I do a day or if it is even feasible!) #project365


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