Saturday, 11 January 2020

Project 366 the first 11 days.

I will do my annual introduction for any new members.

I have three daughters who feature on the blog and two sons who choose not to.
DD1 and SIL1 has five children, Fifi is 17, Bob is 13, Minky and Dinky the boy/girl twins are 6 and Spud will be 4 in March. They live just round the corner.
DD2 and SIL2 live approx 120 miles away, they have Ziggy who was 3 in August, and Roo who will be a year old this month. 
DD3, Auntie H  lives with Uncle M approx 7 miles away.

We have one rescue dog, Dixie, we have had her two years this month and she has become a delight to have. 
When I am not working, babysitting or dog walking I enjoy cross stitching, crochet, knitting and jigsaws as well as adult colouring, geocaching and of course my blog. .

So here we go for year nine of this project.

Going to start the #walk1000miles again as well as using my exercise bike regularly. This years motto is onward and upwards. Started using my arm more in the house for day to day things, feeling more confident on using it in the house as well as carrying light weight shopping when out. Little bits to strengthen it not big bits to push it backwards.

Wednesday Jan 1st

Today we did Christmas day, you can read all about it here.  Lots of fun, laughs, mess, noise and mayhem, just the way a good Christmas day should be. First time I have ever got all seven of them in one picture.

Minky was dragged away from his Lego, hence the lack of a smile. 

Dinky baked us a beautiful cake. Fifi measured the ingredients and put it on the oven and took it out for her and she did the rest all by herself. It was moist, light, soft and fluffy. Not bad for somebody who has just turned 6.

Hubby took Dixie dog for a walk to escape for a bit. She managed to hurt her leg somehow and came back with a limp.

Watched another episode of Chase The Bloopers, totally hilarious and would highly recommend if you want a good laugh.


DD2, SIL2 and the girls went to visit friends for the day. I hoovered and tidied and did a few miles on my exercise bike.
Took Dixie dog for a short walk round the block but still seems to have a minor limp.

This is the first visit we have had with baby Roo where she has been happy to interact and laugh with us when  her mum has been on the room, or stayed in the room when her mum left. Still not quite crawling but bum shuffling well.

she was playing with this before it was even out of the box. 


Went out to see Ziggy on her bike. She did really well considering she has only had four outings on the bike since she got it. Sadly where the live there are no pavements, straight out on to roads that are very very steep with cars parked both sides, a nightmare to drive or walk so will need to be put in the car to use at home.
We all sat and watched Tinkerbell.
Got a visit from my ex husband here to see all the grandkids and the girls.
The visitors headed off home once the girls were ready for bed.

we live on a hilly bit so pushed the bike back up to our house. 

aahhhhhhh hear the silence.....last few evenings have been anything but as Ziggy has been away from home for over a week, has been really busy and is well over tired and has been pushing her luck. Took DD2 over an hour last night of putting her back into bed every two minutes while she screamed with temper. Well done to her for persevering, can't change your mind and give in. Laughed as when they got her up this morning she ran back into bed again as she did not want to be up. She is not usually like this.

Also took a major strop as I said no to her getting more white paper to draw on ( need to buy more for the printer) when we have masses of coloured stuff. Such is the joy of three year olds. You love them regardless.


Dixie is still limping on and off  and lifting her back leg and walking on three legs. So going into town for my cheap shopping and doing the vet as the same time. Dixie has a luxating patella,  not much needs to be done about it unless it becomes a major issue. Many animals live with it all their life with no problems, and it is common in small dogs.

Friend often helps with carrying the shopping but he is moving up North at the end of the month so picked up a shopping trolley at a nearby shop while in the area of the recycling centre.
Was a bit peeved we separated out the rubbish  and then got told to put it all in the general waste that goes to landfill. Our bins were full to the top so easier to take it in bulk out of the bin than bit by bit.

will save my arms with heavy items. 


Had more rubbish to dump that would not fit in the car yesterday. So decided to head to Troon for a change. To say the least it was very windy. We did the best part of four miles despite the wind. Spotted some wind surfers but did not get a good picture of them as they were well out as it was low tide when we were there. Funny how round one bit of the beach the water was lapping the rocks on shore yet further round it was about a quarter of a mile out.

a very choppy sea.


Way to wet to get hubby and dog out for a walk but did a couple of sessions on my exercise bike.
Started knitting prem baby items for the hospitals again, small things to build the strength back up.
Had some vouchers for a none food shop I won a long while ago. Hubby keeps on about wanting a sausage I bought him roughly a hundred of them......could make a new film....
No I don't iron bedding hence the wrinkles.

101 dash hounds 


Still being frugal and making the most of what we have along with any bargains that I can pick up. The two blocks of cheese that I picked up for 10p each last week were grated and frozen and so tonight we had macaroni cheese. Added some cheesy breadcrumbs that I made with stale bread and froze as well - a crunchy topping adds a bit of variety and the layer of soft tomatoes saves wasting them.

eating home made is always good 


A run into town to pick up prescriptions get a couple of items we are running short on mainly my yoghurts as nowhere has had them on special for a while. Begrudge the £1.80 for a 500g tub when not that long ago they were nearer the £ mark. So got four while they were on special.

Went for a very cold as well as very windy walk along the beach at Prestwick while we were out anyway. There are a few rows of these brightly coloured benches that were painted by a local dementia group, make a change from the bog standard colour.

the benches cheer the walk up and contrast the moody sky.


The "new" car at the door confused a few people, I told them I had won the lottery....and so I did.....sadly not much change time I bought a second ticket with the winnings. The second one also won two numbers so will change it for a third.....and the third went in the bin.

Another appointment with physio. He is happy everything is still going the right way. Hopefully won't need to see him again, as lovely as he has been, as when I get back to work Staff Support will take over my care. Feels nice to be fully supported by work when off sick.

Did ask about going back out on the bike rides but he says not at the moment. To try my exercise bike and when I can do over half an hour on that with my hands on the handle bars the whole time with no ill effects then I can go back for short rides. I tend to ride indoors without my hands on the handlebars so going to have to start doing hands on.
 Also fancied a gym membership now I have turned 60 I get it at half price with the council facilities and they doing half again for six months if joining before the end of the month but that is currently a no go as well. I can use my rucksack as long as the chest strap is done up so will need to be content with walking.

Another walk along the beach. Flat calm seas and lovely blue skies but still chilly at 3 oC


Phoned the garage to see how the car was coming along as courtesy car only booked out originally till today. The parts have been ordered and will be 4-6 weeks before they get them so will be at least the end of the month. The new car is unnerving as it has stop start technology and I was not sure what was happening at first.

Needed a few bits and pieces and was a dry day so decided to take dog a walk and buy what I forgot yesterday, dog food...oops. Round here you have beaches or country parks to walk, I am not complaining, but the country parks tend to be muddy with all this rain so did the beach again. Bad enough we will be handing back a sand filled car let alone a muddy car.

Was no the most pleasant walk, a mere 2.4 miles, with the wind and the exposure but weekend suppose to be worse so making the most of it.

As of tonight I have done 38.04 miles in the first ten days of the year.

the boating pond at the beach park, a contrast with yesterday's flat calm.


A fellow crafting/comping friend from Facebook had this journal but says she will not used it so asked if I would like it, so she posted it to me, will need to mind and pay if forward again during the year.
Laughed to myself as it has space for 42 lots of wool you may have....think for my stash 420 is more like it. I particularly like the square boxes for you own designs.

looking forward to using this.

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  1. I am glad you give us a reminder of your family every now and again. There is a lot of you. hehehe Wow! I can't believe you've had Dixie nearly 2 years. Time flies.
    I'm glad your arm is starting to feel better. I have had a couple of days with mine out of action (contraceptive implant) and I've struggled. I couldn't imagine not being able to use it for longer.
    I love the photo of all the 7 grandkids together.
    It sounds like you had loads of fun with Ziggy. A real threenager!
    I am fancying getting myself a shopping trolley. It would save my arms carrying the bags.
    I got a sausage dog duvet set last week from Asda too. They were on sale £3 each.
    I love the look of your macaroni cheese. x

    1. yes there is rather a lot of them, and that is without the boys and their children in

  2. Happy New Year. Busy couple of weeks for you. The calm beach picture looks lovely I find I need to be outside more in Jan to keep the blues away. I also have the same stroppy three year old, it always amazes me how they take umbridge at the smallest things. Hope you can get out on your bike soon. Love the new bedding and I don't iron it either... much more important things to be doing x

    1. obviously to them it is not the "smallest thing". I love a Winter beach walk.

  3. Happy new year! Glad to read that your arm is improving and you are getting back to more normal activities. What a relief that must be.
    Lovely photo of the all the grandchildren together. I try to get photos of my kids with their two cousins who live locally a few times a year.
    Lovely photos of your local area this week.

    1. I am glad to be returning to normal as well.

  4. I can't believe how old the children all now when you see it written down like that. Seems like only yesterday that the twins were born. And can't believe Dixie has been with you for two yeas too. Glad you are on the road to recovery even if it is slow going. Good luck with the fitness challenges.

    1. Tell me about it, hard to believe Fifi will be leaving school for good after her exams finish in April

  5. 1000 miles this year - what a wonderful goal! The pictures of your grandchildren are adorable. What cuties!

    1. thank you, yes agree they are cute - but then I am biased.

  6. Lovely to see the whole family together for the photos - they're all growing up so fast. Great to hear that your arm is getting better too :)

    1. They grow up far to fast and was nice to get them all together

  7. Sounds like it was nice to have lots of the family round. Glad to hear there's been lots of improvement with your hands. Must be a relief. I need to get out and do some walking. I just find it really boring on my own, and round here it's just fields and they're a bit samey (as well as being really hilly!). I do the same with breadcrumbs in the freezer, but we never have enough cheese left to freeze (or room in the freezer!)

    1. I don't mind walking on my own, to be honest I prefer it. Pop my headphones in, radio on and off I go.

  8. Well i learnt something new this week, didn't realise you had an ex husband, sounds like his visit was pleasant enough. Glad to hear there is some improvement with your health. Thats a lovely organiser you were gifted. I've never thought of pre grating then freezing cheese

    1. yes we separated when youngest son was 5, the will be 35 this year. Been with now hubby for 26 yrs this month and married for 18 years. DS1 and DD3 are not mine by birth but we are all one family

    2. very similar set up to us, we've been married 18 years also, together for 20

  9. Belated Happy New Year. Busy few weeks for you. The calm beach picture looks lovely and bliss. I have a stoppy 13 year old, I'll swap ;) I don't iron full stop, shhh xx

    1. I can ask mum if she wants to swap, but would you really want to do it all over again?

  10. Busy two weeks for you, Elaine! I'm not a newbie, but glad you did a recap on your family's who is who. Lovely to see all the little ones together. Roo is nearly a year old! And Dixie has been with you for two years, I remember when you got her, and she didn't settle at first. Love the choppy waves shot, and the serene beach scene is beautiful too.
    Glad to hear that your arm is getting better.

    1. Dixie did take a long while to settle, but we expected that.
      Glad you like the annual summary of who we are

  11. Lovely to be able to get a picture of all 7 of them together! Glad that your hands have improved, that must be a relief.

    Well done on all the walking! 38 miles is fab!

  12. Adorable family!! Poor Dixie..Ziggy looks nervous on her bike. Nice joke about the sausage dogs

  13. Looks like you all enjoyed your second Christmas. Glad Dixie's leg isn't too serious. I wish I could persuade my son to eat Macaroni cheese. Loves pasta, love cheese, hates this - I don't get it! #366

  14. Sounds like it was a lovely family time and I do love that shopping trolley. I would love to get one for work, I really need one. I also love that duvet cover. #project365

  15. Haha space for 42 yarn, everyone knows every knitter and crocheter has waaay more than that! Happy New Year, I’m pleased to be back and looking forward to properly catching up and remembering whose who in your weekly post :)

  16. Lovely photo of the 7 all together, glad you enjoyed your belated Christmas. I want to find more bargains and waste less food this year, hadn't thought of grating and freezing cheese #project366


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