Friday 31 January 2020

Something different for Valentine's Day.

I was gifted the Love Hearts personalised tube as well as the Hamper in return for this post. Why not go and look for some thing different yourself. Pop over to and see if there is anything you fancy. But wait a minute if you order between February 1st and 14th you can save 15% across the whole site by using code V15, this makes them an even better buy.

No matter where you go right now you will find yourself surrounded by gifts to give to your Valentine, funny gifts, serious gifts, chocolates. wine, flowers, soft toys and the like are all being plugged now. But I am sure I am not alone on not thanking you for any of those, I like to receive something different for Valentine's Day.

a display in the supermarket 

I don't do dairy due to intolerance, I am tee total, add to that being a hay fever sufferer so that rules out chocolates, wine and a bunch of flowers. Same with perfume and smelly candles, my body makes me very awkward to buy for.

But all hope is not lost as there are companies like Swizzels  Matlow. They are over ninety years old, still a family business who take pride in everything they do.We have all grown up with Swizzels in our lives, from Love Hearts, Refreshers, Squashies - my husband's favourite, Parma Violets - DD1's favourite Rainbow Drops as well as my favourites - double  lollies.  But have you heard about the personalised gifts they make?

They have two products that are new this year,  a  limited edition pink Love Heart rolls, yes the wrappings are pink but the love hearts are as multi coloured as they have been since Swizzels Matlow introduced them in 1954. You can treat you loved one to a gift set of 30 mini packs of pink wrapped Love Hearts in a clear bag, hand tied with a pink ribbon for £9.99 + p&p .

love the emoji ones 

They have also brought out  Love Hearts in tubes that can be personalised with either a name of a message of your choice and it contains twenty five mini rolls. I can see this being a nice way to propose as well as congratulating people, apologising to somebody or treating the children. These also come in at £9.99 + p&p.

the tube with 25 mini packs in

They also have hampers to suit every price range from £2.99 up to £21.99 which comes in a real wicker hamper.

The £7.99 + p&p hamper

the red hamper for £7.99

I used some last year to decorate (I use the term decorate lightly as I was still in a lot of pain in my arm and shoulder when these were made) Minky and Dinky's birthday cakes. Had four family cakes to make in that week.

blowing out candles 

We have a standing joke in our family, yes we are daft but hey ho, DD1 loves Parma Violets and so she tells the children they are dangerous for children to eat, and if the children find them in a mixed tub they have to give them to mummy and she will dispose of them safely to keep her children safe......she eats them when the children are not here is a picture I shared last year when I bought a tub.

the "dangerous" ones

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  1. You are really hard to buy for. hehehe I love all the Swizzels sweets and treats apart from Parma Violets.
    What great ideas. The hamper looks fab x


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