Thursday 9 January 2020

Doing Christmas on New Years day

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We always do what we call second Christmas, a day where I have the growing brood, where they get their presents from our side of the family and we all have fun and create a mess and mayhem....a brilliant day. Not so sure if it counts as second was the first of the year....maybe 25th December will be second Christmas this year???

DD2, SIL2 and the girls came down on Tuesday afternoon and are staying for a few days.

We organised the living room, pulling the table out and pushing the couch right back to create more room.

DD3 and I walked down to get them, they are all very hyper and looking forward to this as it normally happens within a few days of Christmas and they have asked every morning since.

There seems a lot of presents but was for seven of them with presents from four different sources.

before they started opening. 

So we did present opening, first the bags from DD3 and SIL3. She makes then all various pieces of clothing with pictures, and slogans on, the children love them.

I had knitted some jumpers, Ziggy had one a while back as it was finished, was not sure all three of the others would be but thankfully they were. Spud and Minky spent the whole afternoon wearing theirs.

Spud kept her hat and jumper on most of the day

the older children are quite happy to play the younger games

There were a few balloons in one of the gifts I got for Minky and some of them spent a lot of the day amusing themselves with the balloons. Blowing them up and letting go of them so they flew off anywhere and everywhere.

blow, blow, let go Ziggy encourages Spud. 

more balloon playing 

trying to get it into the car it was suppose to propel. 

I have never known Minky have much attention span for anything. He starts playing a game and gets fed up of waiting his turn and such like but DD2 bought him a Lego dinosaur set. Make three models from the same set one at a time. He spent hours building first one model and then another. Uncle G ( SIL2) helped him for the odd bit but he followed the instructions by himself and made two dinosaurs

Ziggy and Uncle G helped for a while 

and then he ventured off and sat by himself.

got help with one or two bits 

Ziggy got a Rapunzel doll in a box, and loved both the box and the doll
Dinky made a cake, Fifi weighed out the ingredients she did the rest all be herself. Very light and fluffy it was to.
Dinky with her cake.

Dinky and DD2 making sticky pictures 

showing off the jumper I knitted

he must have grown since I measured him up a while back. 

half hour chill out time with a bit of tv

Roo eating frubes 

DD3 and Roo. 

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  1. I think this is a great way to carry on the Christmas celebrations. It sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful time. All the little one's are growing up fast x

    1. yes growing up way to fast, it did eeek out Christmas and give them all something to look forward to.

  2. What a lovely time you all had. I think Christmas on New Years Day sounds fabulous. Lovely knitting and fabulous cake. x

    1. we dont all get together often enough between distance and schools/work/nursery it gets harder every year

  3. What a lovely second (or first!) Christmas you had together - we had a couple of Christmases spread out over the festive season too and it was fun. Love the photo of Ziggy sitting in the box and it sounds like you all had a lot of fun together :-) #WotW

  4. I love the jumpers you knitted. Very clever. Those children will grow. Hope you found a way to add a few inches. It does sound like a lovely Christmas. Well done Dinky with her cake and Ziggy with the Lego. #wotw


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