Saturday, 21 March 2020

Project 366 week 12

I think the main focus for everyone this week will have been covid 19, think it is a worrying time for all of us with no idea where this is going or how long for. As far as the school closure goes  Dinky says she will miss her pals. Fifi feels cheated out of her exams and all that goes with being the top year in the school. She had so much to look forward to in the final weeks of her school career and just like that it is over with no chance for exam stress followed by celebrations. She also had a part time job, zero hour contract, that she was hoping to work long hours in over the school holidays, but will not be needed now. I think as adults we are all struggling to take in how this is changing our world but our children and grandchildren are going to find this very difficult to comprehend.

Because of my job I am not prepared to risk Bob so have not been into see DD1 and the kids. Poor Spud cried on Friday morning when I swap bits and pieces of shopping with DD1. May well go out and about in the fresh air with them in the coming weeks. Also means DD2 and the girls will not be down as Ziggy will want to play with her cousins if she comes down and that is not going to happen anytime soon.

I feel this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I fear for the economy of not just our country but the world. I fear for the safety of this country as I can foresee anarchy, lack of fuel for our vehicles and power cuts I hope I am wrong. I think we all feel scared by what this means for our future.

On a positive note our local village is pulling together and making up a list of vulnerable people and a list of people willing to help these people out in whatever way they need help.

We have watched The Stranger on Netflix, The Stranger is a British mystery thriller series written by Danny Brocklehurst and based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same title.
It was good viewing 


Was suppose to have my neurology results at 3.30 today but the hospital phoned to say a lot of people cancelled and I could come in anytime I wanted, so went in for 11am. He told me less than my GP had already told me and said I might need the carpal tunnel rechecking in a few years but could find nothing to explain the trauma I went through, really hate it when something like this happens and you are none the wiser.

Walked the dog along the old railway line and then nipped to Iceland to get slice sausage and rolls for lunch, they had neither. in fact their fridges were about bare.

Finished off a bobble hat for Ziggy to match her poncho.


I got the last small trolley at the supermarket. did not think all of them could be being used but yes it was extremely crowded. A long queue, 22 mins, to buy a few bits, shop was absolutely heaving, four or five deep at every check out including the self service ones. Christmas eve sprung to mind.
Picked up a few things for Bob while I was in there as DD1 could not find gluten free stuff for him.


Not a lot happening, did some knitting and finished off a prem baby cardigan.


Had a GP appointment booked from a few weeks back, the one I went for last week a week early!!!
Got a phone call last night from one of the main GP's, they are triaging every appointment currently to see if it could be done on the phone save risking staff and public by not  having people in. But she decided as mine was for my asthma then I was to go in. I was sure my cough and drop in peak flow are more related to rhinitis than my actual asthma, she agreed with me and has given me different eye drops and a different nasal spray to try and sort it put. The surgery has tape on the floor three feet away from the desk with hazard warning signs and do not cross to stop you getting near the desk.

Then took the dog to the vet, she needed her anal glands emptying again and go her annual booster injection as well.

A walk with the dog while we were out. Some pretty coloured catkins hanging on the trees.


Housework, dog walking, knitting and nothing much else. Hubby reckons the white building on the hill would be a great place to self isolate.


Needed some shopping, thought about online but was not sure what I would end up with so decided to do a self scan shop, at least this was I could choose an alternative for the things I needed.
Drove past the airport, not hard to do when the planes fly over the bypass, and there are so many planes parked up all over the airport.

Loved this scene with the snow on Arran in the background.

Gave the dog a walk along the old railway line after tea while we were in town anyway.


Somebody had this cupboard on marketplace to pick up for free. Matches the unit we have under the the bathroom so went and picked it up. Wanted to pop into one of the supermarkets as they are looking for temporary workers to help them through the crisis. Happy to go back to a shop, plenty time to spare during the week. So we both handed in our names as hubby happy to do a night shift. I am sure many other people handed in their names, we have both got shop experience so fingers crossed.

So that was my week.

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  1. It is such a worrying time at the moment. I really feel for the kids like Fifi who are not getting to do their exams and have those last weeks at school. My teen was due to start work again yesterday but she's not needed either. It's such a shame. It must be hard for you not to see all the kids and grandkids. It has been nice to see small communities pulling together though. It has been amazing here.
    So sorry you are no further forward in what was ailing you.
    The shops have been crazy. I got an online shop and that's me done. I will nip out to the local shop for bread and milk but I am done with shopping for now and the stress it's caused.
    That cardigan is very cute and that really is a pretty scene with the planes and the snow in the background.
    Good luck with the jobs for you and your hubby! x

  2. Sounds like it's still life pretty much as usual for you at the moment - who knows when it may all change?! :-/ Enjoy all the dog walking and outside stuff while you still can. It's a shame for the kids, but if it's what's needed, there's not really any choice and I'm sure they'll catch up with balls etc after the lockdown. Shopping is crazy at the moment - looks like it's not too bad up your way, which is good. Stay safe ! xx

  3. It is a very strange and unsettling time isn't it. I don't think the social distancing has his us yet, only a week in working from home, but with kids off next week with them not able to see friends is hard. My brother still keeps coming over, mostly to head out to the fields And on the farm, they're not yet isolating from the in laws which I think they should do. But then they've got 2 lodgers (not sure if the 2nd will come back during the week as normal to work or whether his place has shut down). Would be better for them if he didn't. Our local shops are and village are also doing community help and deliveries, so hopefully the shop will stay stocked well enough for everyone who wants something. And hopefully not too many people get wise to the farm shops being open and stocked.

  4. It is such a worrying time for everyone and must be horrible not to see the grandchildren. It's awful not to be able to get the essential gluten free food for Bob. Good luck to you both for the supermarket work. Would Fifi be able to get some temporary supermarket work too?

  5. I saw my grandaughter Lilah this week for probably the last time for a while, but thankfully she is too young to understand. Supermarkets are mad aren't they.......we had to close ours three times yesterday as it was just too busy. Apparently the government are going to put stricter measures in from later today

  6. It is such a worrying time isn't it - everything feels very scary and unknown right now. So hard not to be able to see the grandchildren. Love the view across the airport and the pretty catkins though :-) #project366

  7. It is such a worrying time at the moment...but I don't think it will get as bad as lack of fuel etc. Well I hope now.

    It has been horrible for the kids. Bee was crying so much, the younger ones don't necessarily understand whats going on...just that things have changed.

    Think hubby is right about that building!

    Beautiful catkins

  8. I must admit I am a little head in the sand at the moment with the whole thing. Staying inside and doing our bit to help where we can. But I have stopped watching the news. I hope you had some positive news about the jobs and I would love to be in that white house at the moment surrounded by the fields. Nice to see you are back and knitting away x

  9. Alot of my friends are in Fifi's situation. It's tough situation. A lot of people here are also giving donations for ration packs to those in need. Well then you can imagine what the GP goes through, not knowing what's happening. That's a cute hat & sweater, love the colours and how they blend with each other. That's alot of people at the market. May you & your family stay safe.
    Yeah the white building's a safe place. Fingers crossed but stay at home as much as possible

  10. The jobs sound good - hope something comes at that. Must be strange not being able to see the grandchildren. Fifi must be finding it hard.

  11. Worrying times indeed, like you, I keep thinking what are we going to do when the power cuts come. Scary. Hope you get the jobs you applied for. It must be so sad not to meet your family, the little ones find it particularly hard as they don't understand.
    That white house on the hill is great for self-isolating, so much space around for walks.

  12. Enjoy all the dog walking and outside stuff while you still can. It is hard for the kids and shopping is just crazy. I hope you are staying safe. xx

  13. Being apart from family is so strange and I can't wait to reunite with my parents and sister for hugs: Skype just isn't the same! Hope the knitting is keeping you busy, I have finally got back onto my cross stitch this week #project366

  14. Such worrying times at the moment Elaine, it's hard not to see family and friends, keep safe and hope everyone is well


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