Saturday 22 August 2020

Project 366 week 34

 Not quite sure where this week has gone, I am sure yesterday was Sunday, but all of a sudden it is Friday evening. 

Quite a bit of this week has been sorting out the bathroom. We decided a few weeks back to change the shower screen on our shower and tile the floor, well boy how this has escalated. Turns out our shower is imperial and modern screens are metric so they wont fit. So we decided on a new cubicle. But need somebody to fit it. So he suggested wet wall boards, I have never heard of them, we were just going to re- grout again....and as the shower has to come off the wall to fit the wall boards and the current shower has been in for more than seven years makes sense to change that as well. So one new bathroom coming up. 


A day at work and then finished Anna tonight. Not a lover of crochet takes me way to long to achieve the end results but am pleased with it. It is for Ziggy's birthday so now been posted.  

Crochet Anna doll


Went into town to help out a friend, took a bit longer than I expected. Time I stopped off for a few bits of shopping and got home it was 5pm. popped the tea in the oven, ate and headed back out for just after 6. Took the dog for a walk and then went and picked up this pine chest of drawers.

Been looking for a set for the front bedroom for a number of years but time hubby sees them on FB Marketplace they are usually gone. But got in first this time. We had a dresser in there we brought from mum's house when we cleared it out eighteen years ago, has served it's purpose and is now getting rehomed. Would have shared it with you but not had time to deal with the stuff that came out of the old one so rather messy up there, maybe next week. 

This is the last of the two rhubarb crumbles from Friday. 

rhubarb crumble


Actually found time to go and do a bike ride in the afternoon. Only 10 miles but that at the moment is far enough up and down the hills. 

We had a visit from the hedgehog again about 10 tonight. 

hedgehog visits the garden


Had a couple of forms to fill in, expected it to take me an hour or so......4 hrs later I am still adjusting it and rewriting it. Stopped off for a run to the dump as hubby been tidying the shed out. 

Went back to the forms for another hour. Then had a zoom meet with Active Travel hub. They are hoping to get back to outdoor volunteer sessions soon.  

Hubby has been boxing in the pipes in the bathroom, cant do any more now until the tiling is done. 

bathroom tiling


Finished filling in the forms and emailed them away. 

DD3 had picked up a trampoline for DD2 a few weeks back. DD2 thought we could take it to Oban with us when we went but was way to big to fit in with everything else. So I got the task of taking it back to the shop. While we were there we went into the wet wall panel shop to have a look what they are all about. Can see the appeal so we picked up some samples to try out against the tiles. Have to say the man in the shop was pleasant, informative and happy to spend time converting us oldies.

Walked the dog while we were in town anyway. This wishing tree says to write your wish on a ribbon and tie it to the tree. 

Kay Park Kilmarnock

Went out for nearly 11 miles on the bike. Glad I took my waterproof's with me. 


Decided to go and buy the wall panels, tossed up between two colours but one was out of stock so that solved that problem. Were not going to fit in the car so had to opt for a delivery. So far the only thing we have paid postage on. The shower cubicle was £50 cheaper on Amazon than on the manufacturers website and had free p&p as well so that was a good win. 

How uncomfortable does this dog look? 


The wall panels we ordered yesterday turned up later on during the day yesterday as the delivery driver was in Ayrshire anyway. 

This picture was taken yesterday before we took them upstairs for storage until such time as we need them. Says to store flat so they are now in the back bedroom half under the single bed and sticking into the middle of the floor. 

wet wall panels

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  1. New bathroom! How a good makeover!

    Anna looks great...still haven't managed to crochet properly yet!

    Yep that position the dog is in does look uncomfortable!

  2. What a faff with your bathroom but it sounds like you have it all planned and sorted now.
    What a wonderful Anna. I am sure Ziggy will love it.
    Ohh! I do love rhubarb crumble. x

  3. Bathroom's coming on nicely. It's always so painful making changes.Love rhubarb but the O won't eat it, and N isn't keen either. Gutted.

  4. It always amazes me the positions the cats sleep in too - not comfy! The boxing in looks good and your crochet Anna is fab #366

  5. Your bathroom project is expanding every week. Glad you got a chest of drawers. Love your crocheted Anna, she looks very cute. Lol @ the dog sleeping in such a twisted position, that must have been so uncomfortable.

  6. Your bathroom will be awesome. Animals do sleep in funny positions. That is good news about the drawers and I love Anna she is brilliant xx

  7. Ohhh I've never heard of wet wall boards before, plans always change when sorting DIY projects, but your bathroom will be awesome when finished!
    Do love an rhubarb crumble, not had one in years - that looks scrummy! The crochet Anna looks adorable, I'm still crocheting in straight lines, I should maybe try something more adventurous! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  8. What a flaff with the shower, hope it all gets sorted soon. The dog does look uncomfortable and I've still not mastered the crocheting

  9. Love your crocheted Anna, hope Ziggy loves it too. Glad you got the forms filled in – they sounded like they were hard work. Hope you get your shower sorted out soon. That doesn’t look like the most comfortable sleeping position. Love the wishing tree. #project366

  10. It will be lovely to have a new bathroom. Your crochet is brilliant - Anna will be much loved, I'm sure. The dog doesn't look very comfortable, I have to say ! lol. Glad you managed to get the forms filled in. You've just reminded me that I'll have loads of paperwork to deal with next week, when the kids go back to school - aaaggghhh !

  11. You are so lucky to see a hedgehog, I haven't seem one in the wild for years. Hope your new bathroom is done quickly

  12. The new bathroom is coming together. We have a tree to tie ribbons onto a few miles away from us - I think it's quite a primeval thing as the tree is on the spot of a saint's martyrdom, but I think the custom might be from before that. It's quite a pretty sight with all the ribbons though.

  13. Anna looks great.Th rhubarb crumble looks delicious. Good that you had a bike ride, the hedgehog looks adorable. At night, there is a porcupine that seems to appear out of nowhere in front of my house and disappear. Cute wishing tree. Considering how much space there is in the bed, I'd say the dog is comfortable. Even my dogs lie in strange postures like this.

  14. I have never heard of wet walls or shower panel walls! Although we are considering updating our bathroom so will have to look into them as they sound a lot easier than tiles. Love the crochet hope she had a good birthday. Would love to see hedgehogs in our garden.

  15. Gorgeous Anna crochet! I never got any further than my snowflake but have some doll sets that I bought a few years ago so something to aim for! #project366

  16. We have shower boards and I don't think we will go back to tiles now! Can't wait to see your finished bathroom. Love a crumble, that would be gone in no time at all here. How lovely you have a visiting hedgehog.


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