Friday, 30 October 2020

Clocked up 500 miles on my bike.

 As some of my regular readers might remember I purchased a bike back in August. I thought long and hard before I spent the money, I did plenty of research based on my experience of the bikes I have been using when out volunteering with The Active travel hub. I knew what I liked and disliked and what I wanted out of it - a bike I could use for years to come. The money had to be invested right the first time as their would be no second chance.  I also bought a bike carrier (not really sure how much I would use it) so I could consider cycle rides further away from home. But I have to say I cannot believe how much pleasure I am getting out of the bike. 

My biggest drawback living where I do is I need to cycle on main roads to reach any cycle paths or roads. A lot of  them round here rated as B roads that are used by buses and HGV's and can be busy at certain times of the day. Not only does this make it more dangerous for myself as a cyclist it also makes it difficult for the large vehicles to pass by safely and can be infuriating especially as I cycle defensively on roads as I was trained to do. I also fitted a mirror so I am aware of what is behind me.

So of course I had to go and look her up. 


I am quite fortunate as I already had a new helmet and gloves I bought about a year ago with a voucher I won and never got round to wearing due to my shoulder problems last year. I already had pannier bags and a rack from my old bike that I kept and also have good quality waterproofs due to my regular cycling as well. My bike came with lights so that saved another expense. I have since purchased a flashing back light and a holder for my handle bars that holds my phone along with a power bank in case I need to charge on the go. 

I always have mapmyride on as I have a habit of seeing a road and wondering where it goes, so I just wander where I want to and then if I am lost I can always look where I need to go or follow my own route back until I do know where I am.  

My wanders vary, at the beginning I was doing 6-10 miles and finding my bum was numb but now I am cycling 25 miles plus. Some days I go somewhere specific, like cycling the 20 mile round trip to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions or into town to meet a friend, or see a new cache pop up and cycle the  miles to pick it up,  other days I just follow the front wheel and end up where I and up.  

I have also started meeting up with one of the other volunteers for the ATH and her and I try and go out once a week together. The joy of this for me is she has cycled in this area for over thirty years and knows a lot more of the backroads than I do so it is of great benefit to me to learn them. I know know a way into Kilmarnock that only uses just over a mile of main road cycling and then onto various back roads and b roads. 

stopping to read signs and information boards. 

I was away on holiday for just over a week earlier in the month and used the bike carrier to take the bike with me. Lots of new roads cycled, I even found an underpass which saved crossing the A9. Added quite a few caches to my total while away as well. Ok it takes away from the cycling time but adds to the fun. I don't go out trying to beat any fast times or longest routes I go out to enjoy my time on the bike. 

A lot of these items of sights I would not have seen had I just been driving round, getting out on the bike lets you read sign posts that tell bits or history. A heather hut reroofed by four local teenagers as 

Looking forward to the next 500. 


  1. I am so glad you are getting on well with your bike. Well done with your 500 miles.
    When we go out on ours there are some busy roads that we need to use to get the quieter one's. I hold my breath when a bus or big vehicle goes past. lol
    I've not been out much on my bike apart from once last week with the kids. I am more of a summer cyclist. x

  2. Fantastic - love that plaque where nothing much happened. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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