Saturday, 24 October 2020

Project 365 - an 8 week catch up

A catch up with what has happened over the last few months, and then will write up this weeks post tomorrow.   

Spud has settled into Nursery she started in August. She is now talking to people which for her is a massive achievement. 

Ziggy has settled back in and is using her hours with in two different nurseries, one of them an outdoor one. The gruesome twosome are back at school, Minky struggling with the new covid regulations as he is not a sit on your bum in one place type of child unless he is engrossed in something like Lego.

 Fifi has started her college course, not quite what she thought she was signing up for as they are doing it on line not hands on but she is sticking with it. 

Went out blackberry and apple picking with the four local grandchildren one day, all socially distanced of course and still see them backwards and forwards. 

picking up apples 

My daughter with her dog that I made for her 40th birthday

a walk round a local attraction - An A frame from the mining days 

a make shift bathroom door while it was being renovated - directly opposite my front door so not a good place to be sitting if the door knocks. 

full moon, half moon, total eclipse - 30 for £1 
the two girls on the swing 

Roo is finally mobile 

and had no fear of climbing high

Ziggy just loves the swings and would spend all day in them 

that is not suppose to be a pond, just full of rain water, a few children fell in while we were there  

DD2 came down from Oban for a long weekend, hummed and hawed over coming as it new lock down rules had been implemented in the central belt of Scotland but we were told don't make new plans but keep existing ones, and so the caravan park would not refund her money so she came. Was lovely to see them and all the cousins had fun meeting up and playing outside. 

Loving the me time my bike is giving me, I rarely set off anywhere with a destination in mind unless I am meeting somebody but just point the bike and go and then wonder what is down this road and just head off. 

Workwise - it was decided that face masks were now needed in no clinical areas where you cannot social distance, so that now also means the kitchen. As I have previously been through the procedures that are in place to protect people like me that cannot wear the masks then I have been given the face shields that you see in shops and have to wear it when I move from my designated area in the kitchen. I can live with this and is working fine. Feeling settled in there now and accepting it as an alternative for as long as it takes. 

Been doing various crafting knits and crochet items and taking orders from family for items they would like. Finished off my cross stitching project, it is a lap quilt so just needs the quilting bit done but my tension is out on my sewing machine so I need to spend some time sorting it and getting it right. 

That is about as exciting as it has got I am afraid. 

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  1. Glad you've been able to sort out the face shield now. Nice to hear what's been going on with everyone.

  2. Lovely photos of the grandkids and great you got to spend time with DD2. I thought you were going to post a day by day of the past 8 weeks lol. Glad there is a solution for you in the work place with the shield, hope it's going well

  3. Good to catch up with you and your grandchilden and find out what you have been getting up to. Hope working with the shield is ok for you.

  4. Nice to catch up with you - I wondered where you'd gone ! Great that you're getting on ok with the face shield.

  5. So lovely to catch up with you.
    Well done to the kids. It sounds like they've all settled in well back in education. My eldest is pretty annoyed with her college course too, this was the time they should have been going out on placement but as it's health & social care it's not really sensible to send students into somewhere that could cause a risk with the virus.
    It looks like you've been keeping yourself busy. Fab photos!
    I'm glad you are enjoying your bike. I was out on mine for the first time in ages today. x

  6. Great photos and just look at all that fun the kids are having

  7. Glad the kids are doing well in nursery and college! Some lovely photos and glad you managed to have fun together

  8. So lovely to have you back again. Glad Spud has settled in well at nursery and the others have mostly settled back in well too. Lovely to go apple and blackberry picking. I love the knitted figure of your daughter and her dog. Lovely that you got to see DD2 and are enjoying getting out on your bike. #project366

  9. I love cycling but don't do enough of it - I think as my bike isn't that comfy to ride. Glad Spud has settled into nursery too, such a big step for them

  10. Lovely to have you back and what a fabulous set of images over the last few weeks... I'm a sucker for Jaffa Cakes - only ever full moon or no moon for me though! ;)
    Glad to hear everything is ok with work and you are able to wear a shield, so much easier for you! Hope Fifi is getting on well with her college course, it's so hard for them doing it all online, they are missing out on all the college fun! That crochet figure for your daughter's birthday is ace, you are so talented! Sim x

  11. Oooh love jaffa cakes but they never last very long here. Sounds like you have had a lovely week. It's nice they are still letting people go ahead with plans, our lockdown in Wales has been quite strict.

  12. Love the jaffa cakes moons! Fab way to explain the phases :) I hope your daughter had a fab 40th #project366

  13. Lovely to have you back, glad you are settled at work and that you have a face shield that works for you. How lovely your daughter could still visit and that plans could still be kept. Wish that was the same here, although I do understand why thats not been the case

  14. OoOoooOO apples! Amazing knitting work as always! Cool mining frame. Loving the bathroom door, definitely not triggering any anxiety :P Yay, Roo! Nice 'pond'. Great that you're able to cycle.


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