Tuesday 3 November 2020

project 365 week 45


A day at work. 

Home to cook up  loads of fruit and veg I got for free last night. 

The flan has a bread base, rolled slices of bread out, butter both sides and then add a quiche type of filling before cooking it. Served with some oven chips, crispy cooked spinach and oyster mushrooms. 


Sorted the tension on my sewing machine and made a start on quilting my cross stitch project. 

An afternoon walk to a localish park with a duck pond to feed the ducks, swans and squirrels some  left over bags of rocket and spinach as well as a few lettuce I got for free on Friday night. 

Added a competition to my blog if you want to enter. 


Need two new frying pans. so went and bought them, check were suitable for our induction hob, came with a ten year guarantee , cam be used with metal utensils, but did not see the warning on the handles that says handles will become hot use oven gloves - an accident waiting to happen as we will forget - so going back. 

Finished knitting a hat/scarf supposedly for Roo ( the nearly 2 yr old) but tried this on Spud ( nearly 5) and it is a tiny bit to short on her. DD2 wanted one for both of the girls so this will do Ziggy and will make another for Roo. 


Spent the morning helping hubby to fit a heated towel rail in the bathroom. 

Went out for a short cycle, 8.5 miles afterwards. Was getting towards dusk time I got back so did not stay out longer. Hard to see the pot holes and the slippy leaves as it starts to get dark. 

I then did some more of my quilting. Just need to tie off all the ends now. 


Pulled out the washing machine and dishwasher so hubby could run in the electrics for the bathroom heater. The bathroom is downstairs next to the kitchen. 

Off out to meet Pat and go for a cycle ride. Love going with her as she shows me back routes and safer routes than I use and other interesting sights. We were watching the deer's at a local venison farm, wonder how many of them are for Christmas.  Today we cycled just over 25 miles. 

Had to laugh there was a wee boy of 2 with his mum and dog walking along the cycle path. We met up with them at a gate that needing opening as we were stopped. The wee boy loves to ring a bike bell......so I lifted him up so he could reach and his wee face lit up and he was over the moon. Glad I could make somebody's day a bit brighter. 

Went out and walked the dog and then picked up a tin of varnish and some bits for the freezer. 


What a lovely day.

Decided to go for a walk along the beach and take back the frying pans back at the same time. Had a nose round the charity shop. 

Was much to nice to go home so headed down to the beach at Troon on the way home. A calm breezeless day. 


This is the cross stitch quilt I finished making. It is a kit by Bucilla that I bought from a tv shopping channel about eleven years ago that got started and then stored. It has the design printed on and then once sewn it washes out. So this year seemed a good time to finish it. May need to finish off some of my other started projects as well. 

I am really pleased with the end result. It is 4 ft by 4 ft and the picture really does not do it any justice. 

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  1. Nicely done on getting out on another bike ride - you would hate riding on the roads near my home, potholes is putting it mildly... craters is more apt!
    How lovely to get lots of free fruit and veg! I love spinach and tend to mix it up in scrambled egg. Have you tried oven roasted Kale? Just like crispy seaweed, it's ace!
    What a lovely beach at Troon! Rock pools are fabulous, spent many an hour as a kid searching for things in them! How cute is the cross stitch quilt? Well done on finishing it! Sim x

  2. Your Sunday meal looks so good and the flan sounds delicious and you've made great use of the free veg.
    Oh no! That isn't good about no warning on the pans. Ours is a gas cooker and our pan handles always heat up. Grr!
    It sounds like you've been doing a lot of jobs around the house and having some fab bike rides. x

  3. Well done on the quilt. Looks really nice.Love the rainbow photo. Interesting flan using bread. Would never have thought of that

  4. The quilt looks lovely - well done for finishing it. I like the sound of using bread rather than pastry - easier I'd think.

  5. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous, I wish I had the skills and the patience to do things like this. The homemade flan looks lovely. I've not heard good things about induction hobs and my friend had a similar issue with her pans and hot handles, good idea to return them

  6. Your flan looks yummy. I’ve never thought to try a bread base instead of pastry. Might have to try it myself at some point. Lovely to get out for a cycle ride with a friend. I love the photo of the rainbow and the one of the beach. Your cross-stitch quilt is so pretty. #project366

  7. The quilt looks really lovely, something to treasure. Love Friday's photo, would look lovely in a frame #366

  8. Loving that quilt. So pretty!

    The picture of the walk at the beach is fab!

    So nice of you to do that with the boy and make his day.

  9. Thats a lovely quilt. I have a few projects that I really need to pick up again. The blog seems to take up all my pare time and its something I need to change. Who sells frying pans where the handles can get hot that just seems insane I would send them back too. Love the beach photo

  10. Fancy improvised meal. OoOo Squirrel. Cute scarf. OoOo cool seeing deer, I haven't seen them in a while. Aww cute boy enjoying little joys. Great cross stitch work

  11. Love your crafting and, wow, what a rainbow! We never seem to have enough pans but it is so importna that they are safe... #project366

  12. I thought the oyster mushrooms were fish, I had to do a double take lol. The flan looks tasty. I really like the rainbow photo, what a lovely capture. I am impressed with your long bike rides, we haven't been on one for ages, the boys have outgrown their bikes now and not in a position to get new ones for awhile x

  13. The flan sounds lovely and it's a great way of using up some of the veg - lovely to get some for free :) The rainbow is very pretty. It's lovely to get out and about on your bike so much - some nice scenery to see around your way. Well done on finishing off some of your crafts projects.


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