Monday 30 November 2020

Project 365 week 48

As a family we have discussed the relaxed rules for Christmas. As a large family it will be impossible for us all to be together at Christmas. If DD2/SIL2  comes down with the girls they will want to see their cousins and not fair to let two lots together without DD3 being involved, and four households are not allowed. They all have smaller in law families to visit so they might do that, no plans made yet. In all honesty between three of us working for three different NHS areas, one of who has to use public transport,  two SIL's that work in peoples homes as essential jobs, a massive mix of schools and nurseries between the children as well as Fifi being at college and working then there are too many of us to possible introduce it to everybody else. So to make the decisions easier for all of them I have said there will be no second Christmas and I will not be visiting people indoors. Better safe than sorry in my book. The girls all have elderly relatives on the in law sides so they will make up their own minds nearer the time as to what they are doing. 

Hubby has spent a lot of time out in the garden freezing his hands off as he is edging round various parts of the garden. Started with the section my shed is now stood on as it will be the first area to be chipped. 

Sat and Sunday

Nothing happened, no pictures were taken. At the end of last week I had not been feeling to well but this escalated and I woke feeling really dizzy and nauseas with horrendous tinnitus, normally it is just bad, and even lying down the room still spins, So spent the weekend in bed listening to an audio book to try and mask the buzzing. 


Able to get up today and as long as I don't move to quick or turn my head to fast I am fine. Finished sewing up these two little outfits, they snowmen still need eyes and buttons and the teddies still need knitted to go with got other things to do so running out of time.


Started a crochet project that was requested by Ziggy when I made her Anna for her birthday. Yes it hopefully will resemble an Elsa 

Drop my gifts off with the charity Christmas gift place. They also sell new things on display in their window, two of which I really liked but did not have my purse, will need to go back in one day and buy them. 


In to help a friend who is moving house on Friday. Went for a walk and then home to crochet. 


Chilly start to the day. Played catch up with housework in between helping hubby with cutting wood and went and did an hour on my bike after lunch.  

In the afternoon we took a walk along the beach. Nipped back to friends house from yesterday to buy some art work she is selling that will not fit her new house. They will eventually go in the living room next year once it has been decorated. Currently screwed to the back bedroom wall so they don't get damaged......apart from one corner the dog chewed while in the back of the car on the way home. less than twenty mins after a good walk. Little Sh*te! 

We fed the swans with some of the bread and salad I had not managed to give away. You would not believe how difficult it is to give away free food that is still sealed in wrappers and fit for human consumption. Even for people to feed to their pets. 


Out on the bike for just over 20 miles. 

These are two of the four pictures we bought. 

Home and walked the dog. Carried on with my crochet project.

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  1. It really does make sense not to get together at Christmas with your family being so large. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Aww! What adorable outfits.
    Your new pictures are really pretty. x

  2. It's so hard isn't knowing what to do for the best. My circle nearby is a bit smaller so will just be us, my parents and my brother. But we will miss our family further away. What fab little outfits. I love the art work you bought, its very colourful and vibrant! Your cheeky dog though lol x

  3. It is hard not to meet up but Christmas but as you say better to be safe than sorry with a large family.

    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling too good at the start of the week. The art work is really colourful!

  4. What a difficult decision about Christmas and mixing families. You do what you think is best for you. The knitted clothes are very cute. Hope your Elsa comes along nicely, would love to see the finished doll. The art you bought is very colourful. Will they be together later? I think they will look better with more space around (sorry, for the unsolicited advice).

  5. We are not sure what we are going to do about Christmas yet. Love the knitted clothes you are very clever. The pictures are lovely and bright and colourful I am sure they will look great on the walls once you have redecorated.

  6. The three-households rule does complicate things for a lot of people. We’ve done the same and said we won’t be seeing any family indoor. It’s a shame but it feels like the right decision for us. Sorry to hear you had horrible tinnitus at the start of the week and glad you were feeling a little better on Monday. I love those little outfits. Lovely photos from your walks outdoors. What a shame your dog chewed a corner of the artwork. Hope it didn’t damage it too much. The two in the photo look great. #project366

  7. It must be tough not being able for everyone to spend Christmas together. Oh no I hope you got better. lovely knitting work. Oh yeah, Anna was great, i bet Elsa will be great. Lovely swans and pictures

  8. Those pictures are lovely! I cannot believe you cannot giveaway free food, I would happily take it and enjoy it! People hey?
    Sounds like you have had lots of time to crochet this week, I'm jealous, I'm slightly behind so will hopefully do some more this evening. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well at the weekend and hope you are feeling much better now! Sim x

  9. The Christmas covid rules are frustrating and I think many families will feel the pressure of having to choose between family members. Love your crafting, I just haven't found much time recently as I'm so tired from work #project366

  10. Love that style of art work, shame about the dog nibbling the corner. Did you manage to get back to the charity shop with your purse? Can't believe how people are in so much need but then fail to turn up for free food. Hope you're feeling better soon

  11. Good idea, avoiding getting all the family together - we've done the same so it's just us four. We were invited down to our sister-in-law's but, aside their family of four, they also invited the parents-in-law and their two grown up daughters -not sure if they're bringing their boyfriends). Too many people anyway, so I'm glad we didn't go ! The pictures look good - shame your dog chewed the corner. Hopefully you can mend it ! Your projects look good - hope you managed to finish them all in time :)


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