Saturday 14 November 2020

Project 365 week 46

We watched the Queens Gambit, interesting enough to watch. I have also been watching CSI Cyber...quite thought provoking  story lines and very worrying if you have kids. 

I am going to start doing my project Saturday to Friday as not always easy to find a picture for Saturday morning. 


Work, walk the dog afterwards, a fairly standard Sunday. 

I started buying some bits for Christmas to hand into a local charity. When I had seen moo free stuff fairly cheap I ordered a dozen to hand in. Sadly only nine turned up, so I emailed them and said why I wanted them, so they sent me my three short and another ten to hand in as well. Really lovely of them. 

Also spotted these Cadbury ones in Wilko when I took back my frying pans, fifty pence each so I picked up a half dozen to add to the collection. 

moo free chocolate


Into the town to do some bits and pieces. Walked the dog in the afternoon. 

Finished off knitting the second hat, as I say I can knit quicker than I crochet.

knitted hat


I managed out on my bike for nine miles this morning as did not have a delivery time for the shed. I am trying to think like my clever cycling friend Pat and find safer routes than the main bus routes to cycle on to get places from here. So today I went out a top road and down past a caravan park to get to the next village on instead of the way I normally go. 

view over Ayr

Our new shed arrived. Not sure of this is taking my bike or the other items out of the shed that my bike is currently squashed into. Biggest we had room for was a 6 by 4, my bike is 6ft 2, so hoping it fits on the diagonal. All that will be in there will be the bike and the bike carrier. Not quite finished yet, the door is currently screwed on by four screws, one in each corner as ran out of daylight and horrendous rain is forecast for all day tomorrow. 

Bought from the same company as the last shed but the quality is not as good as the last one. Stupid design for the floor as well. 


Weather not as bad this morning as they had predicted we would have so we got the door on the shed properly so hubby can work inside it making it useable. 

Needed to pick up small screws and a hasp and padlock as well as repeat prescriptions so nipped into town. Managed to get the dog a good if very blowy walk along the old railway line. 

dog walk


Did a catch up with housework and tidying away various crafting things that are spreading all over the house. My friend was not available for a cycle ride today so I went myself. Nearly 21 mile round trip to buy two boxes of screws for hubby to use in the shed.....saved the car and got me out.....blooming freezing though, I stopped a mile outside the village to put on a hygge and my gloves. 

The shed now has laminate on the floor and shelves on the walls. Also has a slip bolt ready for a padlock and a hook and eye on the fence to keep the door open. 

tiger sheds


Picked up a load of fruit from another Olio volunteer. Had to go out for shopping as last week I forgot to add my shopping onto DD1's home delivery and this week I added mine on Sunday so I did not forget - but she forgot to add hers and check out. 

Made blueberry muffins and mixed fruit crumble as well as a load of cooked food for the freezer. Crumble and custard for supper...yum yum. 

fruit crumble and custard

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  1. I do Project 365 Saturday to Friday just so I can get it scheduled because I'm always busy on a Saturday morning.
    That was really lovely of them to send the extra moo free stuff.
    Yes, I am all for safer cycling routes. What a gorgeous view you have on your ride out. x

  2. Crikey that's a lot of cycling. The shed's looking good. We really need to get one but not sure where I could put it. At the moment my bike's in the old turkey shed.

  3. I've heard a lot about Queen's Gambit, I've yet to see it. This head scarf looks even cuter than last week's. Great view of your biking trail. OoOoOo muffins and fruit crumble sound delicious

  4. I read good reviews of Queen's Gambit, might watch it, once I finish with The Crown season 4. Glad to hear that they sent more moo-free goodies, and it's so kind of you to help the charity. The shed looks good. Lovely views during the cycling.

  5. Just finished the Crown and moved over to Amazon Prime for a look around there. Wouldn't have thought of laminating the shed floor, although I did save some carpet for my small shed. well done with the extra free from products to donate

  6. Been debating where to watch the Queens Gambit.

    The shed looks good. And looks like you have gone on some nice bike rides this week.

    That was good of them to send the extra stuff.

  7. Where was the Queen's Gambut showing as so many people seem to have seen it? Crumble sounds lovely #366

  8. How kind of you to help the local charity, what a lovely thing to do. Sorry to hear the shed isn't as good as the last one, but looks great with the shelves and laminate floor. Mixed fruit crumble sounds lovely, quite fancy a bit of that! x

  9. Thats great they sent some extras for you to donate. The shed looks very good I like the idea of laminate flooring going in. I hope your bike fits in it okay. Sounds like the new route is better for you, hope you find some more

  10. How lovely that you got sent another ten moo bars. The shed is looking good. Lovely that you’ve been out so much on your bike. That fruit for the crumble looks delicious. #project366

  11. You are doing well with your cycling, I really miss it and hope to get back out soon. The shed looks fabulous

  12. My husband really wants a shed or workshop: love yours! I have seen lots about Queen's Gambit but wasn't sure if it was my kind of thing. #project366

  13. Love the shed - good to have somewhere to put the bike. Great idea to pick up some chocolate and selection boxes for charity - even better if you got some extras ! Love the knitting - you're very talented :)


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