Sunday, 20 May 2018

My Sunday Photo 20th May

We went down to play in the woods the other day. This was one of the before pictures, before the two children at the front of the picture fell in the water and got very soggy. It was a beautiful day and we all had so much fun. A day of making memories and having fun, just what childhood should be about.

This part of the river is currently being cleaned up by a lot of the locals, The Clean Up The Tarbolton Woods group, and the volunteers have taken the time to build a bridge across to the picnic area. They have an organised group that has been running for a few years now with a fab committee who have done a lot of fundraising to help with the ongoing costs.


Saturday, 19 May 2018

Project 365 week 20.

Well me and my Fitbit are getting on very well together, I have been using it for 9 days and it has measured 156,626 steps in that time. We have logged up 64.44 miles with 21hrs and 29 mins of fat burning and 6 hrs 50 mins of cardio. My resting pulse rate is an average of 58. Only thing I am not keen with it is it is awkward to get the charger to stay in the back of it. I am not allowed to wear it when on duty but find it picks up the step count more accurately on my ankle than in my pocket. Its mileage is spot on with mapmywalk. 

Been a lovely week all week here, with a few spots of rain one afternoon.


No overtime so another walk with hubby and dog. Down through the woods. The clean up Tarbolton woods group have added side rails to the bridge to make it safer. Met a friend and her little girl while we were there.

The garlic is very prolific at the moment and taking over from the bluebells.


Dropped Bob at gymnastics and went for a walk round Auchencruive. This is a picture of hubby taking a photo of a helicopter.  Home for some tea and back out for another walk round Lily's wood and across the fields to the bottom road. The fields are not far away from silaging and so being a small dog Dixie needs to bounce through the long grass.


Into the town to buy some wood for hubby to sort a problem with the old shed. Then a walk through the high hilly part of Auchincruive.
Today I manage to complete the Samsung health challenge of 200.000 steps for the month. Took me until the 20th last month.


An early morning babysitting session as SIL needed to leave for work at 8am and DD1 and Bob had left before that for another Glasgow hospital appointment.  If you leave at 7am you get there just after 8 so time for a coffee as appointment is at 9. If you don't leave till 7.30 and will be late for appointment due to volume of traffic.
Bob is to start on immunosuppressant to see if it helps with his skin and breathing. 
I dropped twins at nursery and walked home with Spud, she helped me do some much needed housework and then we went to play in the park before going back down the road to get the twins back.
I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon, luckily just a quick polish was needed.


I went down to the woods for a few hours with DD1 and the grandkids. We went over the new bridge and into the picnic area and spent a lot of the day playing in the river. We found the fishing net, and left it behind for others to have fun with.
A blog post will follow.


A bit of shopping, organising food for the weekend and an evening walk with the dog.

Spotted the ducks and ducklings crossing from one pond to another.


Picked up these mirrors last week, they look great half way up the stairs. we moved the cabinet up there as we had to move the teddies as Dixie dog keeps running away with them.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

My Sunday Photo 13th May

More walking with the dog round local country places.

One end of this pond is stagnant and horrible looking, but this end looked so pretty.


Saturday, 12 May 2018

Project 365 week 19

A lovely day so instead of sitting in the library in my break I went and did 1.52 miles round the pathways in the hospital grounds. Was nice to see other people using them including staff and patients. Might not sound like the biggest walk but I already do more than 15,000 steps during my very physical shifts at work.
Hubby was busy making a frame for round the edge of the old tattie patch so we can fence it off properly. Will probably just fire some wild flower seeds in it for this year.


A very warm day, still too warm to walk the dog at 4.30 when Bob was in at gymnastics so I went and wandered round the village and found a new walk we will use next week.
After tea we went for a walk down the woods. They are beautiful this time of year with all the bluebells. The "clean up the woods" group has added a new bridge to make it easier to get across the river


Went to meet up with a friend. She has been having a rough time so it was just to show some support. She has put a lot of plans into place this week for herself and I am hoping she heeds my advice on the other issues. Quite proud of what she achieved for herself this week.


Rain was threatened for lunchtime so we decided on a morning walk for a change. Went to Failford and did three miles along the river. I have never seen wee Dixie dog have as much fun as she did today. Really loved her walk and did a lot of exploring, running up hills and down bankings. Did have my heart in my mouth a few times but all ended well. We went along the end to Peden's Cove and she took off up the sandstone steps from where it is said Alexander Peden a Covenanter, did his preaching here in the seventeenth century.


The Active Travel Hub in Ayr are running a series of Ladies only bike rides around the area. Been a few years since I was on a bike as we had nowhere to keep mine when we moved here so gave it to DD2. So I decided to go and join in with the six mile ride today. It was a lovely small group, just six of us and on the cycle paths we cycled two abreast chatting as we went. I did manage to fall off at one point, my foot got caught on the cross bar when trying to get off and took a tumble. Two nice bruises but nothing really hurt apart from my pride, Took me through an area I have never been before but would be lovely to go back to and walk with the dog. Have worked out how to access it from the car as Dixie is not a lover of walking along side busy roads.


Dinky was wanting to play with Dixie dog and we had tried a few attempts this week to get out somewhere nice with them but it just did not happen for one reason or another. So they came over for a play afternoon today. Sadly it rained the whole time they were here so they did nit get out the back door but played games and being silly in the house instead.


I had put a shout on out Facebook at the start of the week to see if anybody had a Fitbit HR they wanted to sell as I fancied one to monitor (hopefully) my getting fitter internally. A lovely lady came back and offered me one she no longer used and for free, and she even threw in the postage as well. So going to be interesting to monitor heart rate while out walking plus see if I can get my resting heart rate down as well. It also monitors my awake and my restless periods during the night, of which there are many!!
I will need to find a way to pay this forward to somebody else in the near future.

Could not get a clear picture of it, in every one I took it looks out of focus.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Using up Shredded wheat #Kitchenclearout

I am trying to cut down hubby's sugar intake at breakfast time, most of the cereals he eats are 13g per 100g of sugar or higher and so I thought if I bought him some mini shredded wheat he could mix some of them in with his sugary cereal and not really notice. But him being him decided that he did not like them, without even trying to mix them in with others and so thy have sat in the cupboard for a while. I opened the box as I have used some at supper time with yoghurt but as I eat fridge porridge every morning they were just sat there and it seemed a shame to waste them.

I generally make/bake lunch to take to work at the weekends as the only think I can guarantee the canteen at the hospital will have I can eat is chips. Some weeks there are other choices from a food intolerance/allergy issue I can eat but no guarantee I will like the option. So packed lunch it is for me.

Anyway with this in mind I decided to make dairy free shredded crispie cakes with added sultanas. I would have added chopped apricots as well but I did not have any. I like to soak my dried fruit in a cup of tea before hand for an hour or more  as I find they are tastier and plumper. Drain the fruit when ready to use.

So I put some shredded wheat into a bag and crushed them with a rolling pin.

I then put some dairy free chocolate into a bowl and popped it into the microwave to melt. I don't buy the "free from" chocolate as I find most of the supermarkets white label own brand dark chocolate is dairy free.

Stir the crushed Shredded Wheat and the drained fruit into the melted chocolate and mix well. Once the consistency is to your liking put the mixture into cake cases.

This blog post has been added to the #KitchenClearout linky over on Madhouse Family Reviews. Why not pop across and add your own recipe or have a look at the others that have linked up? 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

#MySundayPhoto 6th May

Been doing a lot of walking with the dog this week, and as we prefer to walk her off lead we go of into the fields and trees and find all sorts of fun things in places we don't usually walk.

Lots of changes in nature going on and some beautiful sights to see. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say.

This is another piece of history on Auchincruive Estate  Seems such a shame that so many of the buildings are now neglected and run down but listed buildings so cannot be knocked down but sad that nobody loves them enough to reinstate them to their former glory. I just loved the textures of the wood, and the fact nature is having a good go at hiding the remains.


Saturday, 5 May 2018

Project 365 week 18

Was a chilly start to the week, having to scrape frost of the car, but nice in the sun when out of the wind.But by the end of the week it was very pleasant.


We have a flower fund at work that gets you flowers under certain circumstances, but they often take a while to catch up with those due for a bunch. I got mine today for being off with my shoulder earlier in the year.  Very pretty they are too.


Having been speaking to the Active Travel hub, I did a meeting on their behalf the other week, and decided at the start of April to monitor my steps. I have been logging up steps, and miles, walking Dixie dog, don't tend to have my phone on me in the house so the app only counts when I am out. Did a blog post on my walking earlier in the week.Weekends I do anything from 12,000 to 17,000 at work which is also adding to the total. Also been finding if I don't think I have a high enough total for the day I will go back out for another walk. So I am getting all the benefits that walking outdoors gives you. I have also booked with them to do a ladies only cycle ride on Wednesday afternoon. Miss having my bike, but just nowhere to cycle to round here so gave my bike away.

 Usual  walk round Auchincruive with Dixie while Bob was at gymnastics. Nice to see all the signs of Spring with blossoms and emerging leaves on the trees. Were out with a light weight fleece jacket on that I ended up tying round my waist, weather was lovely.Another walk round the fishery after tea. Two miles today.


I spotted a #WalkThisMay that I decided I was going to join in with for National Walking Month and see how much more I can fit in. Have really enjoyed the walking I did last month.

A walk round the fishery this afternoon, It was freezing, a fleece jacket with a waterproof/windproof on top and a wooly hat on.

This pair of ducks had a huge family with them. Just over a mile today.


I needed to post one of my giveaway prizes and far too expensive with Royal Mail so I chose a parcel delivery service and so had to drop the parcel off, had I planned on being in today or tomorrow I may have had it uplifted. As we live rural all the drop off points were give or take six miles away so we decided to head up the valley and go for a walk while we were there. We also checked one of our caches.
We did a five mile walk up Lanfine estate and then just over a mile round the fishery after tea. These light nights are a great thing.


A day of playing catch up with housework, Hubby went out to cut the bushes out the front down, not actually in our garden but they restrict my view when trying to reverse out of my drive.
Took the dog a walk round the fishery just after lunch and then took her for a walk along the river after tea. Did five miles with her today. Spotted this heron stood at the bottom of the dam. 3.7 miles today.


A walk round Auchincruive with the dog. Weather nice and mild. Home and did some baking for the weekend. Recipe to follow.Managed just less than 2 miles today as I was busy.

Spotted the slug on the dandelions.


This was one of the cakes I made last night.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The walking of 303,157 steps in April.

We rehomed our latest dog in the middle of January and over the last month she has really come out of her shell. At the start of April I started logging my steps Monday-Friday just when I was out of the house. Out with working hours my step counter gets left upstairs or sits on the table next to my chair. So my Mon -Friday steps were predominantly made up from walking the dog. My dog walking has accounted for an average of 10,000 steps a day, so I am quite happy with that.

April steps 

I have been in contact with The Active Travel hub Ayr, a local organisation that encourages people to walk and cycle more.They were running a challenge over the month of April to see who walked the most steps every week,with a nice prize for each weeks winner. So having the dog this seemed a good combination and I decided to join in. A win win all round, even if I do not win one of the prizes,  more walking for me, and all the benefits this leads to as well as enjoying watching the changes in nature, combined with having fun with the latest addition to the family. It is impossible to drag hubby out for a walk if we don't have a dog so hubby also benefits from having her. I have also signed up for a cycle ride next week with them.

Now I have to say hubby really irritates me in so much as he only needs to think about exercising and he loses weight where as I find it a lot more difficult to shift. Being a menopausal woman who has food allergy and intolerance issues then eating a healthy diet is quite difficult. A salad or a piece of fruit is a no go for me.

In May I am going to try and keep my step counter on me all of the time so I can see how much I actually clock up. I am going to be using map my walk on my phone, when I remember to turn it on, so I can see how much I actually do with the dog, Will be interesting to see how much of it is outside and how much of it is wandering round the house.

So the walking as well as hopefully helping lose weight, helping my heart, regulating my blood pressure, helping to regulate my blood sugar level, strengthening my bones, reducing stress and lifting my mood it is also getting me out in nature and allowing me to photograph the changing seasons and allowing me to enjoy nature.

So here are some of the pictures I have taken while out for walks with the dog and hubby.

Fairy in the local woods 

reflections on a pond

reflections at the fishery

swans at the fishery 

raindrops on snowdrops 

down to the local park with the granddaughter 

Dumfries House Cumnock 

looking up river at Failford 

snowy logs down the local woods 

a seat at Dumfries house 

braving the cold weather and enjoying the snow

getting exercise jumping the stream

Squirrel at Belleisle Park Ayr

from spawn at Auchincruive

along the River Ayr 

Sunset at the dam at Ayr 

painted rocks we found at Belleisle Park Ayr

 reminiscing while we walk round Lanfine Estate in Darvel. 

watching the ducklings grow at Tarbolton Fishery 

blossoming buds at Auchincruive

grey and choppy water at Tarbolton Fishery 

Will be interesting to see how many I can clock up in May. I will let you know. I will be sharing some pictures of our daily walks with #WalkThisMay on social media.

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