Thursday, 16 June 2011

Britains biggest mess meme

I was challenged by the lovely Lynda over at MibsBlog to do this Meme, and is my own fault for introducing Lynda to Meme's when I challenged her to join in with whats in my fridge meme and she willingly (lol)  joined in.

So here we go the criteria thrown down -  Let’s all find the biggest eyesore, mess, in need of decorating etc patches in our homes and share them!, and she goes on to say can include your garden.

Well as most of you will be aware I had my tv debut a few weeks back, and believe me every nook corner and cranny was cleaned out with a toothbrush for the occasion so don't happen to have anything in the house that fulfils the criteria, but my back door is a different matter. What you can see from the window looks good,

but you go round the back of the shed that cant be seen and its a different story.

so there you go my house might be tidy but the bits you cant see aren't so perfect...story of my life really....

right I now threw down lynda's challenge to invite 5 more friends to join in so please forgive me TheBoyAndMe, Sian at mummytips, Lou at Bobbity666, Laura at TheMcCaskieClan and Alyson at Alysons blog and have fun

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