Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What I thought of my tv debut

Following on from this post I give you my thoughts on the end result. Also you can read here about the fun I had making it

Well that was it, my 1min 41 seconds of fame is over so unless Hollywood phone me and make me a decent offer than I guess I wont be on TV again. I was glad they had changed the headline away from from calling me an obsessive comper....I mean come on 1500 comps a week isn't obsessive its a hobby. Though they did take the top figure, some weeks I enter 3 or 400 just depends on the time of year, what else is happening and what mood I am in, also in the winter I enter more than in the summer when I can be out walking or cycling or down my allotment.

The first thing that struck me when they were making the item was the fact that it was not what I thought of as a conventional interview, I expected there to be two of us on camera not just me talking but actually answering a question somebody else had asked, though you will note if you listen all my talking it is in the form of an answer, like I am saying what do I get out of comping or why I got into it so I was answering my own questions which is how they wanted it.

It was well edited, they were here for over 3 hrs, things like the scenes with me making a cup of tea actually took the best part of 20 mins to film, I filled the kettle half a dozen times, put it onto its stand half a dozen times, shoved about 6 sugars in a cup, all sorts you didn't actually see. They also took a rake of stills photos in case they needed them to fill bits in, but none of them were needed in the end either.

The scenes with the prizes on the table took about 45 mins to shoot as well, trying various angles, backgrounds, lighting, and ways of doing it. They were very careful when doing this to turn things round so you could not see the makes of the neom candles or the paint, and they didn't show the Nature Valley Bars they asked me to open, and you could not read the name on the baby wipes either. The soft toy was not actually a prize win, he was a bear bought by my husband when I was in hospital with a dislocated ankle 17 years ago, but he was the right size to fill the gap.

The laugh was trying to cut, copy and paste tweets whilst looking at Mags, the lady from STV,  and not at the computer, hence some of the hesitating whilst talking. They did follow me across to Facebook and
as well but they were not shown. I also noticed it was edited to cut out all the name dropping apart from twitter and Facebook they had asked me for my favourite sites I use to enter comps but didn't run any of the names.

No we didn't manage to actually get a proper postman, it was one of the STV crew popping the parcel through my  front door. I was disappointed they hadn't arranged a win from Daybreak with an incoming phone call whilst they were there to film my face when I was told I had won £20k!! But can't have it all I suppose.

But all in all I was very happy with what was shown, nothing embarrassing or cringe worthy at all, and at the end of the day the whole experience for me  was a positive one with a brilliant afternoon had whilst Mags and Gregor were in filming.

Hope you all enjoyed watching it, and for those of you that have come over here from the link on The Hour website, welcome and why not come join our comping community over at Loquax, Facebook or Twitter and see if you can start winning prizes for yourself?

OH has kindly recorded off the TV my part of The Hour, and has uploaded it here for you to see, enjoy for those who missed it. and I'm not sure why, but it was less than 2 mins on STV bit longer than 3 time it gets here??


  1. Elaine, You came across very well. It's on the STVplayer too http://player.stv.tv/programmes/the-hour/2011-06-07-1700/

  2. just watched, you were fab, very relaxed ...I would be a shivering wreck. Well done

  3. thanks Ellen, thought I would do it was to save people having to watch the whole programme

  4. amazing, 182 people read this, but only 2 commented!!

  5. I love your blog Elaine! You were fab talking about our wonderful hobby that is comping, so relaxed and composed. Maybe we could get you a job on This Morning as a presenter when Jenny goes off! xxxx

    Kellie Faggle FB

  6. thanks for the nice comments, and that would be brill Kellie, I am open to any reasonable offer, could even take over from Michelle....

  7. Hi from a fellow comper, followed the link on superlucky. You looked really great and natural in front of the camera. Well done on your wins, I don't enter as many as you but I have erratic bursts where I enter loads then times when I just don't have the time. And yes, my faveourite thing about comping is the prizes.


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