Monday, 3 February 2014

Fifi has published a book of poems.

Fifi loves to write poems. At the weekend her and mummy decided she would go onto Amazon and publish the book. It costs nothing and was a learning curve for her. She learnt how to format it in Word, learnt how to make the links so that when you click on a poem title it goes to the poem. It gave her something to do on a cold wet day. She has since started on her next book.

She called her book Perky Poems for Pigtastic People.

here is a copy of one of the poems.

1 Granny 1 Nanny
I have 1 granny
I have 1 nanny
One very cool,
The others old school
Granny's called Franny
And Nanny's called Anny,
One thinks I rule,
The other thinks I'm a fool.

She even designed the book cover herself.

Should you want to buy a copy you can do, over on Amazon. 

She is very very proud of herself and I thought it would make her even prouder to see me tell you all about it. Well done Fifi you have every right to be proud.

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