Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Moments that mattered - my competition entry

I saw a competition being run over on Mummy's Little Monkey's,  in conjunction with Lloyds Bank moments that matter. They are wanting us to tell them what mattered to us in 2013.

So this post is my entry into their competition with a chance to win an ipad mini.

It has been quite an awesome year for me and my family. Most of the moments were good but we did have one piece of bad news in September. Nothing I want to expand on but it did put a downer on all our Christmases.

At the start of this year daughter No2 decided she was giving up her job and her home to go and move half way up Scotland to move in with her boyfriend. A huge step and a huge change for her, but it has worked out for the two of them and they got engaged just before Christmas.

Her older sister also got engaged this year, and the youngest daughter has also found herself settled down with the man of her dreams and they are also planning a future together.

But apart from these there are two highlights of the year that really stick out for me.  The first was the news of my new twin grandchildren. My daughter had told me she was pregnant just before her twelve week scan, but got a shock when she went for a scan and they discovered there was two for the price of one.

the first scan at twelve weeks when we found out there were two

I am fortunate enough to live just round the corner from daughter No 1 and her older two children, and my blog title reflects what we get up to and how much pleasure I get out of them. So when mum was in having the twins I got to look after the older ones. I got the pleasure of taking them in to see their new brother and sister. This did not go quite according to plan, the plan had been to hand them to SIL on the maternity ward and leave them to get acquainted for half an hour before I went in to meet them. But as she was still on the labour ward when we arrived and we didn't want to take them away without seeing everybody was o.k. so they did not worry I took them onto the labour ward and was there when they first clapped eyes on them. This is the first picture taken of the four of them together.

the first time the older two met the new additions

The babies were not old enough at five weeks to appreciate Christmas, but Santa did visit and here they all are in their new outfits.

their first Christmas together
How much more of a highlight could I have asked for.

The other highlight of the year was winning three days holiday which included three days fishing on the River Tweed. We got to stay in a rather posh hotel, all meals included, the room we had was amazing and it made for a nice break away.

oh trying his luck out in the boat.

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