Friday, 21 February 2014

Indesit FIM31KABK fan oven - a review

I was offered a wonderful opportunity to choose a product on which to do a review. So I looked through at what I thought would be useful to us, and liked the range of Indesit cookers at Argos

So I chose the Indesit FIM31KABK fan oven. 

Upon opening I first noticed how classy the oven looked. The black mirrored front looks good though this was a pain when shooting the video for reflecting back. We had it installed within two minutes of it being out of the box. It really was that easy to install. 

We have been using the oven for three weeks now. So what did we think of it? 

I have summarised our findings for you;

  • is fitted with a 13 amp pug so easy to install, no electrician needed
  • The oven is "A" rated
  • uses only 0.79 kwh, making it cheap to run
  • It reaches temperature very quickly
  • the outside of the glass door stays cool to the touch 
  • full width handle making it easy to open 
  • illuminated interior
  • simple to operate
  • has a manual timer
  • easy to clean enamel interior
  • the fan is very quiet

roasting a chicken

  • the grill only covers half the  size of the cooker
  • the timer is not overly loud

the grill and making toast and cheese

 It has done a great job of everything we have cooked in it, from roast dinners, to oven cooked veg, cakes and crumbles and even toast and cheese. I am very happy with this oven and from our findings I would happily recommend it. 

I give the oven 9 out if 10. 

Family Fever


  1. You lucky thing! what a shame you had problems with the first one though, it kind of takes the shine off doesn't it.

  2. Oh what a shame the customer service is so poor, and the small grill would be a sticking point for me I think. It looks great though, very sleek. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. It looks really nice! It's good that the door doesn't get hot I've burnt myself many times on old fashioned cookers that overheat! Awful that the customer service wasn't up to scratch but glad your all sorted now :)


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