Saturday, 7 June 2014

Project 365 1st - 7th June - week 23


This is the fence between us and next door that blew down in gales over the winter. It belongs to them not us, but as they are moving we agreed to take the rest down for them, Hope its not too long before then new people get it back up as the kids have developed a habit of spilling over and playing in both gardens while the house has been empty.


Introduced daughter No3 to geocaching today, took her out and about to find a few, found three of the five we looked for. She loved it and there is one at the end of her road, but its a magnetic micro and she did not manage to find it, will need to go have a look one day. 

This was the contents of one of the cache we found, it made me smile. 

OH and I went out later on to place the third, and I think final, cache in memory of Short Dog, and had another look for a different one we know is near there but no luck, think we will need to wait for the nettles and things to die back. 


We did a caching day at a local country park, it is a great place for a day out, forgot how much was there for the children to do, and its free. Did a post on it here if you are interested for a great day out over the summer.

These and nettles are best avoided if possible when out caching



Went round to daughter to help sort Bobs bedroom ready for decorating last night, and back again today to do some more. I asked her how many clothes and toys one child actually needs, we sorted out ten black bags full for either binning or storage , and still his drawers and wardrobe are overflowing.

I sat with the twins whilst daughter went to pick Bob up from cubs. Dinky was hungry so I tided her over with a rusk.

yum yum a rusk


Had a lazy day today, sorted out my Tupperware cupboard as I am fed up of lids and tubs never matching when you need them, I am sure I have a gremlin, related to the odd scok monsters, who eats random lids and tubs.

Fifi is getting to the stage now where she would rather be out with her pals than stuck with me. So she went a played whilst Bob and I took the twins a walk to give their  mum a break. She is growing up far to fast.

She came in for her tea and flew straight back out afterwards so Bob and I did some baking, he made chocolate cake and custard. 

she decided loom bands were better than a game with grandma!!


What a beautiful day it was. But this annoying helicopter spend hours buzzing around quite low. Caught it just at the edge of the roof.


Daughter No3 had seen me saying last week we needed walking sticks and waterproofs for caching with. So she bought us both a walking stick, earlier Fathers day pressie for OH, and a "just because" pressie for me


  1. That's a nice gesture from daughter number three. I also have the plastic pot gremlin in my house.

  2. Love the contents of the little cache! Must give it a go I think. y older 2 are obsessed with loom bands too! #365

  3. That's a great cache :) My 7yo loves using the rainbow loom!

  4. Ah the looms! We've promised the girl a proper set for her birthday as she currently just has the bands. Those nettles look lethal!

  5. What a lovely gesture from your daughter. A good idea too given how much geocaching you do, we really must get out and do it. Our walks are normally so unstructured if you like. Dinky is growing so fast, adorable though just look at those eyes! Can just imagine the kids having fun with that fence down, hopefully it will be back up again soon :)

  6. Elaine i think i have the same gremlins visit my laundry basket and tupperware cupboard! those looms are everywhere - but they are a good idea and seem to keep girls busy for hours!Dinky is so sweet and i am looking forward ot seeing Bob's completed bedroom make over x

  7. awww what a really thoughtful daughter! i am sure you will have lots of use for the walking sticks now your out and about geocaching!

    Have a good week x

  8. Ouch those nettles look crazy! I think it's wise to let them die back before searching for cache. Love the walking sticks, what a great daughter :)

  9. Those walking sticks should help with the knees. Love the pic of the cache.

  10. Arrrr Dinky is getting so big bless her! I bet the kids love having the extra room without the fence! Hope you have a great week x #project365

  11. Great you have found new hobby in geocaching. Loom bands are all the craze these days. The twins are getting so big!

  12. Our Ashley has lots of clothes too.. some of them have never been worn.
    Helicopters do make a right old racket..we get them here too as we are close to the M4 and an RAF station.

  13. Love hearing about your latest caching exploits. The hippos and the aliens are just fab aren't they.

  14. Oh that photo of Dinky is adorable!! They are growing up fast. Do I spy loom bands? They seem to be everywhere at the moment


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