Saturday, 14 June 2014

Project 365 week 24 8th - 14th June


Working the double shift again, I'm not complaining I enjoy it, came home via daughters house as had a few things to drop off. Fifi's ankle was swollen and bruised from where she had clobbered it off a kerb while she had been cart wheeling down the road, she never walks any where these days. So I told daughter to drop off Bob as soon as he was fed as she was taking Fifi to A&E to get it checked, saved trailing him as well. 

We are planning a holiday at the end of this month, and so with that in mind we have taken out Historic Scotland membership as there are a lot of places we want to look at in the area we have chosen to go to. Our cards turned up yesterday 


Had a visit to make a cross at Stirling again today. So we decided to pop over early and do a few things while there, yes a bit of geocaching. Took a wander round in the glorious sunshine before our visit. Found a nice walk nearby in Menstrie while we were out as well but found it too late to take advantage of it. By coincidence the monthly geocaching birthday club meeting was also in the same area so we decided to to hang around and attend it. But time it was due to start the rain was bouncing off the road, and it was an outdoor birthday party. We were suppose to be playing games etc but it was just too wet, so we spent the time huddled under a gazebo talking and laughing. I did learn that my waterproof jacket is no longer waterproof, I was soaked through to my underwear time we got back to the car. 


Went into the town and replaced my waterproof jacket, thought I might as well. Spent some time in the garden in the afternoon. The potatoes and sunflowers are doing great, the sweetcorn and tomatoes not so well but they are still growing so that has to be something. 
The flower the children go me for Mothers Day is also doing great with lots and lots of flowers on.


Daughter came round with the twins as is the norm on a Wednesday evening. Its amazing to see how they come on week to week, it was such a nice evening we decided to sit in the garden with them, They are really good at sitting up now. 

ssshhhhh dont tell TBAM but I have added a short video for you, our secret!!


As again is the norm is the night the children come over. The last few weeks it has been a struggle to get Fifi to stop long enough to even say hello too. So I asked her where she wanted to go and said she could take a friend with her as well. So she chose a park in Hurlford and so off we went. We did a geocache that was put there that day and then played in the park. You can see our evening here.


I had thought about taking the children along to a local estate that we have never been to before to do a couple of caches, but Fifi had a different idea. So I decided to bully oh into coming with me to find them, we managed a hundred percent strike rate and found three of three  One of the cache we found had a "robber" in. These apparently are part of a team of cops and robbers in a caching game. They had to get from down south, up to Ayrshire,  "rob a bank" made from lego and steal a gold coin, and then they have to make their way back down to where they started out with the coin being moved from cache to cache by people like me. So when we go on holiday we will take him south of the border and place him in a cache, it will be a bit nearer his home. You can read all about the game at the address on his tag. 


I am on holiday now for a fortnight....yyyeeehhhhhhh. 
So as not to waste a beautiful day off we decided to visit Dundonald Castle, its a Historic Scotland property, its local and we have never visited it before. There are (surprise caches round it so we did a few while we were out as well. Got some nettle stings and scratches to prove it. 

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  1. Love that bench at the castle! Have a great two weeks off work! Love that yellow flower! #365

  2. Enjoy your holiday, the Historic Scotland passes will be great. I loved the sneaky video, so cute, and it was great hearing Scottish accents, lol

  3. Have an amazing holiday my lovely .. sending positive vibes the she did nt hut her ankle too badly x

  4. I hope you enjoy your holiday when it comes round. I bet there are loads of fantastic historic places to explore in Scotland.
    It made me laugh that Fifi likes to cartwheel etc most places as it reminds me of my niece who is very similar, hope her ankle is ok though.
    Loving that yellow flower too, stunning. x

  5. The yellow flower is very pretty! We really need to try geocaching soon - everyone seems to be talking about it!

  6. You'll have fun with your Historic Scotland passes I am sure! Lovely pictures, I can't get over how much the twins have grown :-) x #project365

  7. your historic Scotland tour sounds like a great way to spend a holiday - i hope the weather stays nice for you. lovely to see the twins sat up playing in the sunshine. x

  8. Oh wow the twins are now sitting up? Time certainly does fly!! That flower is so pretty! And hope you enjoy your holiday

  9. Hope your enjoying your holiday. The twins are looking well.


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