Saturday, 28 June 2014

Project 365 week 26 22nd - 28th June


Had Bob and the twins over again tonight while daughter ran SIL to work. Dinky was asleep time I pushed them up here so just got Minky out of the pushchair and plonked him on the grass with some toys. He likes the feel and texture of the grass.
It is amazing in the difference between the twins, if you sit Dinky down she will quite happily sit and play very content. Minky on the other hand does not sit still. You sit him down and he lays himself down, rolls himself around and tries to crawl. Its quite funny, he can get up on his knees but the arms wont join in so he just can't crawl, but he can certainly get across the floor quick enough. Need to baby proof my living room I think.
When she woke up he was sleeping and so her and I sat on the rug with the bricks I had picked up for them at the car boot that morning.

Minky and Dinky


Last week when we were on holiday daughter No1 was watering the fruit and veg in the garden for me. I had said to her if any strawberries ripened she may as well eat them save them going off. None did ripen for her, so here are the first strawberries from the garden.
Sadly this is another food on my "no can eat" list unless they are cooked, the list keeps growing longer, very annoying. 

artistic strawberries. 


These lilies don't stay in bloom for long, but they are beautiful sitting in the front garden for a week or so while they are out. 

nice orange lilies


Off for a visit to Son No1, and as usual we do something else while we are in the area. Today we geocached from Alva to Menstrie on the back road. I loved this little chap that we saw. 

a cow in red wellies


Today I went to see Fifi's P7 class assembly. I had gone along to see the assembly but had also said if they started crying then I would leave with them so daughter and SIL, and Auntie H could stay. Luckily it did not come to that and we all enjoyed the afternoon. 

After this I took Bob up the road as they stay a Thursday night. Fifi was not staying as she had her school leaving party and wanted to go home afterwards not come up here, so it was just Bob. 

Granddad decided this was a great opportunity to take Bob fishing down the river, and so we went off and fished for nearly two hours. He really enjoyed himself and did really well. 

Bob fishing at the river 


Saw a new geocache trail just a few miles up the road from here, and we decided as it was such a lovely evening we would go and walk the trail. I loved the clouds and the way the sun was lighting up the brown grass down the edge of the path. Shame my shadow was in the picture but could not get the angle I wanted without it. 
We managed to find six of the seven we looked for, that's quite a good strike rate. 

cotton wool clouds in a blue sky


I had happily taken care of the children last weekend to save them being popped in the car to run SIL to work. Daughter stopped in at the shop for a few bits and pieces, and bought me this lovely bunch of flowers. 

still going strong after a week. 

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  1. Your first photo made me chuckle. One of my NCT group has a boy and girl twin (now 4 and half) the difference between them has always been amazing, the girl will sit for ages on a particular activity, the boy, just like Monkey is always onto something new in a couple of minutes #365

  2. It must be great seeing the difference between the twins. They're growing so fast, it won't be long before they're running around after each other! Your lilies are looking wonderful and those strawberries. Love the cow in red wellies and the sky capture :)

  3. Lol I love the cow in red wellies haha! Those clouds really good look amazing a just like cotton wool, so pretty, looks like another great week Elaine :)

  4. i am loving your home grown strawberries!! they look delicious! Bob certainly looks like he has had a super time fishing! x

  5. nice to be appreciated Elaine and recieve some pretty flowers :) i bet that was a lovely surpise
    the twins are so big now - it really is crazy how fast they grow. i have heard friends of mine who has twins say how different they both are - the girls in both cases are the ones who will sit and concentrate for longer x

  6. Must have been really special for Bob to get some one-on-one time and have the opportunity to go fishing with grand-dad. Love the idea of geocaching and keep promising myself I must give it a go

  7. The twins are getting so big now and can do so much. Pretty flowers - love to be appreciated.

  8. looks like you've had a busy week. loving the lilies so vibrant x

  9. Gorgeous flowers. I love strawberries from my garden, such a shame you have to cook yours first.

  10. Beautiful cloud photo. Lucky boy to have a grandad to take him fishing. Such a relaxing pastime and so good to be outdoors. Lovely.

  11. I love your lillies, they are so pretty! What a fab cow in boots, lovely pictures from what sounds like a busy week. Hope you have a good week x #project365

  12. Those lilies are gorgeous, I always think that it is a shame that they are so short lived. The twins are growing up so fast aren't they??

  13. Amazing that the twins have such individual personalities already, bless them.
    Loving those orange lillies, stunning. Those cotton ball clouds in the sky are beautiful. x

  14. How frustrating for you having to cook strawberries before you can eat them - we haven't grown any this year as we always lost them to the birds before we got to them!

  15. It's definitely time for strawberries. I hope the cooking doesn't take away too much taste - home-grown always seem to taste so much better than shop-bought.

  16. Ha ha. I love that cow photo! How cool is that. Great you got to see the assembly x

  17. The twins are getting so big now. They'll soon be crawling everywhere.
    That's a very odd looking cow.

  18. Oh such a shame you can't eat strawberries! Lilies are gorgeous but I have had to give mine to my parents as they are dangerous for cats. Do miss seeing their beauty in my garden though

  19. Why on Earth can't you eat strawberries? Do you have an intolerance? Apparently strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes etc. all belong in the same allergy group; it's the seeds which cause it. The Boy can't eat a tomato but can have passata or Heinz tomato sauce, but not cheaper brands.

    The sky photo from the geocaching is wonderful.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.


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