Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My favourite 365 pics from 2014.

Well I am very proud of myself for sticking at the project not just one year but three. It is an amazing thing to look back on, to see the highs and lows of life, and to remember what I was doing.

So I was asked to choose my favourite picture from each month, not easy when you have to whittle 365 down to 12. But here we go.


The twins at  two months old - my goodness have they have grown and developed. Here they are with a new toy each chosen for them by Bob.

two happy smiley faces. 


I spotted this rainbow and the darker sky above it and below it, and had to stop the car and take this picture through the windscreen.

didn't find the pot of gold 


The very definition of my blog, taking out the grandchildren and having fun with them. This was Bob hanging around in a localish park.

Beach Park Irvine


This was Bob's birthday cake. He asked for a minion cake and I have to say I excelled myself and it turned out much better than I expected. 

Bob and his cake


We took up geocaching at the start of 2014. On the 28th to mark the anniversary of the passing of Short Dog we placed our first cache. 

our first cache


Took the twins to the park while daughter run son in law to work. This was the first time Dinky had been in a swing, she was not overly keen and was only on for two minutes.

on the swings


For those that followed my blog last year you will know the story that was told with this picture. If you don't and your interested you can read the sorry saga here Sadly this was the last time I saw him, just wish I knew why.

Son No2 Daughter No1 and the twins 


Four new additions to the family this week. Meet Beryl, Wilma, Penny and Gertrude, the grandchildren named them not us.

the girls


This is daughter No2 who comes down to visit, this time it so happened to be on her birthday. Birthdays cannot go by without a cake to celebrate, its just what we do. So as she likes chocolate and gooey thats what she got. The centre had been hollowed and filled with a box of roses. 

daughter No2


Not a lot of blogger events come to Scotland, but I had an e-mail saying there was a Currys bake off coming to the cook school in Glasgow, so how could I not go?  

Lis aka  with her cakes


This month is harder to pick, have six birthdays this month so more than one child with a cake, and a cake made by granddaughter for me, so this is the one I decided to share.

my cake made by Fifi


Hosting the unwrapping of presents on what we call Christmas No2. Again this is what my blog is all about, the love for my children and grandchildren.

Minky and the older two


  1. Awe, the twins are so cute! It's been lovely seeing their photo's as they grow Elaine!

    1. this is where the project is so great, lovely to look back on

  2. January's photo is beautiful and it's lovely to see how they've grown through the months. Some yummy looking cakes there too!

    1. thank you and yes it is nice, Bob an Fifi not grown much that you would notice but the twins (obviously) gone from hlpless babies to 2 amazing little people

  3. Ah great choices. The baking has made me want cake now :)

    1. me too, was hoping to get some baking done but run out of time last few days to do it.

  4. great round up! We missed doing this one, loved reading yours. So sorry about your son. Hope things sort themselves out! X

    1. who knows what time may bring, but yes I hope so.

  5. Lots of cakes! lovely photos, my son would love that mininion cake. :)

    1. Bob was deighted with it, and I have to say surpassed myself.

  6. A lovely summary of your year. Well done fir finishing it x

    1. its addictive, cant stop once you have started.

  7. What a year of change. The twins look so wee in the first picture.
    Glad another Nana is here and I'll stick at it too!!

    1. Nana's unite!!!! I kno they have grown so much, dont really notice it on the other 2.

  8. I can't get over how much the twins have grown! A lovely selection, there are a good few I remember in there :) Love the shot from March x

    1. I know they have gone from helpless babies to toddlers.


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