Saturday, 27 June 2015

Project 365 week 26

Well half way through the year and still going strong. The longest day has been and gone and our schools broke up this week for the Summer holidays.


Today was Father's Day and so Daughter No3 and her other half took us and his parents out for a meal. We went to one of the Chef's World Buffet. Have to say the selection was amazing, the service was brilliant and the staff very helpful. Would happily go back. Hubby would not oblige and have his picture taken so got the "children" instead


We are only bothering with tomatoes and sweet peppers this year for the garden, nothing else grew last year. But even those have been a disaster so far, no bigger than an inch. So hubby put a shout out on a local free site and somebody had one of each that they kindly gave us.


The were a few mini packets of love hearts left over from the sweet trolley from the wedding, and I brought a packet home. Sadly for me all but two of them were purple and I don't like purple sweets.
So I left hubby a message on the cupboard, and he added his own message to it. Your never too old for a bit of romance.


Daughter No1 had bought Bob a swing set/climbing frame all in one thing for his birthday. She started building it a few weeks ago but could not go much further without help. So I said I would go along and help her. I was followed by both our other halves. Took us just over six hours to just about finish it off. Though I got out of some of it cos I took the gruesome twosome for a walk and SIL had to go to work. It took approx 22 man hours ( or woman hours) to build.  We had all had enough and there was just the cargo net and the rope ladder to go on. We had to make one adaptation as her garden was not safely wide enough for the slide to go where it was suppose to, so it went on the end instead.


I do relief holiday cleaning for a sheltered housing complex and this week they had organised an afternoon tea for the local hospice. So I bought some raffle tickets and  we went along to support the cause. Sadly we did not win anything despite their being a lot of prizes that had been handed in but we had a good old chin wag and a lot of money was raised.


Last day of term here. Fifi has just finished her first year at secondary school. Bits of it she has enjoyed and some bits of it were better back in primary according to her.


When daughter and the children were in the town yesterday they saw this and thought of us. It was a thank you for helping build the play equipment on Wednesday. Love the way the wings pull up to make handles.

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  1. The love heart message is brilliant :-) The climbing frame looks great fun - my kids would love to have that in the garden!

  2. Ohh how cool! The summer holidays already! We have a few more weeks yet. Aww! The Love Heart message is so sweet. x

  3. I'm impressed with all the hard work you put into building the play equipment! The first year of secondary school is quite a milestone - my son is starting in September and he can't wait!
    Love your Love Hearts message, so cute!

  4. Love the romantic messages, cute. We are having a nightmare with our GYO too, I am blaming my OH totally! #365

  5. Love your sweetheart message. That climbing frame sounded like so much hard work x

  6. Oh wow last day of term already? We still have three weeks to go! The love heart messages are too cute! And that climbing frame is brilliant! Bee would love something like that in our garden!

  7. The climbing frame sounds like quite a project. We had no luck with sweet peppers last year, but this year is looking more promising. Funny how different things grown in different years.

  8. Arr I love the Love Heart sweets picture :-) the climbing frame looks great. There will be hours of fun with that. I also love your chicken basket. Hope you have a good week x #project365

  9. I love the love hearts and I'm sure the 22 woman/man hours will be worth it

  10. Tomatoes and peppers is more than I've managed this year with goats taking over my greenhouse!

  11. The love heart message is lovely :) Also, love hen egg holder! We have a playset in the garden that also took many hours to build... Months in fact to actually finish it!

  12. i love Bob's climbing frame - i know 2 boys who would love that in our garden! I keep hinting to their daddy that we need something like that
    and awww to the love hearts - who says romance is dead?
    its lovely that you help out at the shelter x

  13. Ah, romance isn't dead!! If I had left that he'd have just gobbled them up, he wouldn't have seen the words!!
    Love the wire chicken bet it looks good on the worktop.

  14. Oh that's sweet that somebody gave you the plants, I love things like that. Our local health food store have a regular plant swap, such a good idea. You've inspired me with the play equipment too, I need to get something like this for my little monsters when we move!x


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