Saturday, 31 October 2015

Puddles and the Park.

Daughter is still without a car and this is limiting to the activities the children can do. Daughter depends on the car to get them to soft play on a Monday, baby gymnastics on a Wednesday and book bug on a Friday as these are not in the village. But her car seats are not compatible with my car so I cannot even help out and run them to places. So being the nice gran I am told her if she fancies getting out with them just give me a shout and I will go with her. 

So on Thursday afternoon we went to the park. It had rained here for nearly thirty six hours by then and to say the least there were rather a lot of puddles. But of course all children like puddles. So Bob came with us and we went off to have fun. 

So we dressed them accordingly and leaving the buggy at home we put their reigns on walked across to the park, let the fun begin.

all three in the puddle

hands as well as feet

After they had finished with the first puddle as headed off towards the play equipment. Bob ran on ahead and the gruesome twosome followed.

running after Bob

 They stopped for a play on the bench, Minky managed to get up on the bench, but Dinky is not quite as adventurous as her brother.

she could not manage up 

But oh no look, another puddle. This one provided lots of fun, watch the video and see. Poor Minky fell over in the puddle, got his hair and face wet,  but got up and carried on.

a great fun puddle 

By this point poor Minky was sploshing rather loudly so we tipped him upside down to pour the water out of hi wellies. Bob also realised that running through the puddles at high speed was not a good idea either.
emptying his wellies 

So while Dinky played on the swings Minky ran off all over the place playing on everything.

Minky goes up the steps

and down the slide

Meanwhile Bob was hanging around upside down. At one point in the video he stops and starts turning round in circles going "oh no", his glasses had fallen off and he could not see them so mum told him to stand still so as not to tread on them and mum went and found them for him.

Dinky sat on the swing saying "upside down" every time Bob went upside down.

upside down

She was quite happy to play on the swing. Minky came over and he had a go on the swings as well. 

little miss cheeky face

But he does not stay still for long. He spent a while on here making great noises with his feet on the grid floor.

and shouted Bob over to help him steer as the steering wheel was stuck - it doesn't move!!

Bob was busy doing his own thing.

on the climbing wall

Minky climbed up the steps to catch up with Bob,

and then was shouting up to him

Minky also spent time climbing through the tube/

Bob had fun on the rope slide until Minky went over to him and stood in the way so he could not go down.

By now the twins had had enough and were both getting grizzly, so we headed home for a bath, tea and bedtime.

on the roundabout 

Bob and the twins having great fun running through puddles.

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  1. The twins are such little explorers, let loose in a park they certainly know how to enjoy themselves and are definitely attracted to puddles! Great to see Bob joining in with them too, so handy to have this space to enjoy with them and it looks so safe there too. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. aw they all looked they had a great time! Same as my kids, they are attracted with puddles too, they can be messy and soggy but it's alright as long as they had fun. Great photos! #busydoinglife

    1. they would have been better dressed in plastic sandals and shorts if truth be told. Kids need to be allowed to have fun and a bit or puddle water will not harm them.

  3. Looks a great fun time and I'm sure after 36hrs of rain they were ready for it

    1. yes and I am sure mummy was glad to get them out as well.

  4. Thankyou so much for sharing this with me on #busydoinglife it's great to have you joining in! We love going to the park and having been without a car on more occasions than I care to remember I would like to thank you on behalf of your daughter!!! ;0) There is nothing worse than being cooped up on the house with children ping stir crazy! I bet you all had a lovely time! x


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