Thursday, 11 February 2016

My artistic Granddaughter

Sometimes I have to wonder if my grandchildren are actually related to me, especially when you see talents like those shown by my artistic granddaughter. I mean Minky and Dinky are more artistic than I am. I know she sits at draws quite a lot and (I think) she is really good. But last week she went to a face painting work shop and while there bought some paints and brushes and came home and amused herself by painting on anything and everybody who would sit still long enough.

One of the local women Jools runs her own Face painting company and told the Fifi and her friend about the course and encouraged them to go. She says she gets her ideas from google and comic books and adapts them to her own style.

So here are some of her designs.

I was amazed she even got Dinky to sit still.

I think she has done really well for her first time of doing this. Look forward to seeing more of her designs.


  1. Very cool. It's great that they are allowed to paint on more than just paper.

  2. oh wow those are amazing, I really love the flower ones! Face painting is so much fun!

  3. Those look fab, I really like the flower one on the arm. She is definitely talented.

  4. Wow she is very artistic. I am useless at drawing and always am very envious of people that can. I love the flowers x

  5. Wow! These are awesome. My son would love this, he's big in to face painting!

  6. Those are really good. The one with the huge eyes is pretty scary! What did you use to wash it all off? I'm always struggling to find a gentle enough cleanser for Caitlin as soap and water never seems to do the trick entirely.


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