Saturday, 20 February 2016

Project 366 week 7


A cold and very frosty start to the day. As per usual my sweet kind loving husband went out and defrosted and scrapped my car for me before running it round the block to warm it up. Not the best picture going but says it all better than a bunch of flowers for me. I actually popped the picture onto a Facebook page to enter a competition, and it won me a £100 Amazon voucher and some deicer.


I listen to local radio, you remember the nice ones last year that chose me one week to win £2000? Well this time I was one of three that won a box of chocolates, so as I am nice I gave them to hubby ( after I had removed the two turkish delights first). They arrived today. This was my first of three wins in the week.


We are planing on going out on Thursday, me to do some geocaching and hubby to do some chipping at a country park. I have planned my route and written it out so I can leave a copy with the visitor centre so they have an idea of where I am going if I should break a leg or something as silly. Better safe than sorry especially considering the weather conditions under foot. Also made sure I had packed the whistle to signal with if need be. I had planned two routes, one for before lunch and one for after, but took a lot longer than I expected but never mind.

my planned route


Turned out not a bad day at all. Took the children up to the park again. Bob moaned he was cold and did not play on much. Minky was tired and wanted on and off and on and off, but for once Dinky went and played.

ahoy down there


A cold day it snowed, it sleeted and it rained in between the sun shining. I managed to find all nine of the caches I looked for, so was very pleased with that. This was the view across the frozen quarry with The Campsies covered in snow in the back ground. Have to say I was glad to get back to the car after about 7.5 miles ( forgot to turn on may my walk until approx 2 miles in) . Then get a phone call from hubby to say to come and get him from where he was, so that was just over 1.5 miles as well. I was knackered enough to grab a take away on the way home.

a frozen quarry


Bought these just over three weeks ago, I always feel Morrisons Flowers are work every penny.

still looking good


I made cross stitch afghan blankets for Fifi and Bob, and so now going to make one for Ziggy. So ordered up the kit. First of all I need to tassel all the edges before I start sewing and too wait on the waste canvas to be deliveredas well.  Not yet decided what I am putting on it, will be smaller pictures, a verse and when Ziggy is born I will add name weight and date of birth.

in the planning

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  1. The Morrisons flowers have lasted so long!! I love little bunches like that. The afghan blankets sound lovely, I'm now wondering what they look like!

    1. here is a link to the one I made for Fifi all those years ago, which is still under her pillow and she sleeps on it every night

  2. Finding nine caches sounds like a real achievement, especially in that weather! Those flowers are amazing - my tulips from Valentine's Day are almost dead already. Your cross stitch afghan blankets sound brilliant.

  3. Not a bad week at all with chocolates and an Amazon voucher, lucky you! Those flowers lasted really well!

  4. I loved the photo of your hubby scraping the car for you - a great winner in more ways than one then. The flowers are great, I've had some delivery ones from other companies that have never lasted that long. Good luck for the week ahead Elaine - hope all goes well x

  5. Well done with your geocaching! Sounds a pretty ambitious route and I know from experience how hard they are to find. How lovely of your husband to deice your car for you :)

  6. Wow - a good week of prize winning! I love that your OH scrapes and drives the car to warm it up for you - what a star. Great flowers too - my Valentines ones have just started to flop :(

  7. Well done on your winning streak! Hope you keep winning, How sweet and kind of your husband to prepare a car for you, that's true love.

  8. Well done on your wins!
    Those flowers have lasted so well....So pretty!

  9. those flowers have lasted very well indeed, what a great buy.
    what a lovely hubby you have and well does on winning an amazon voucher from it too! Mind you, you are a lovely wife too giving him your chocolates (minus two lol!).
    looking forward to seeing the cross stitch project for Ziggy xx

  10. Congratulations on your wins. I should really look into geocaching, I think it would get me out more. I would have no idea where to start though x

  11. Well done on your win - very kind of your husband too.

  12. Wow those flowers still look great after 3 weeks! Well done on your win of choccies and other wins. I used to love doing cross stitch but haven't done it in years. I look forward to seeing the results x

  13. Well done on the caches! Love the shot of the frozen quarry. Those flowers have lasted amazingly well!

  14. well done on the wins. Our hubbys' have their uses ;)

  15. Wow well done on the wins! I agree that doing things like de-icing the car says it much better than flowers!

    Lovely flowers


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