Saturday, 6 February 2016

Project 366 week 5

Well the rest of my blood tests came back as normal, nothing what so ever to worry about. Nice to know really that everything is functioning fine, that I am not lacking in the major vitamins, calcium or iron and don't have too much cholesterol or the wrong amount of sugar. Just goes to show that size is not always an indicator of health.


One of the advantages of working in an ophthalmic ward is when you have a sore eye at a weekend somebody is on hand to have a look at it for you and give you something for it.

eye drops


Went to have a look at how high the water was at the dam. It was HIGH, But I did not realise until I look at the pictures when I got them home that there was a bird bobbing up and down in the swell.

the bird does not seem bothered


Have started doing my evening workout while my tea is cooking, but before I do my workout I make a milk shake with soya milk, a banana and a spoonful of wheatgerm. I can not eat bananas but they say they are good for you and I can take them like this.



We decided to go and do some geocaching. The sky was blue and for all it was cold it was dry. So as hubby wanted to do something up the Valley we headed to Darvel and the intention was to go up to the birthplace of Alexander Fleming, a remote farm a few miles outside of the town. There are a series of caches along the road, but we need to park about a mile away and walk as the road was not drivable in our car. But we got just over half way when the weather started to close in and so decided to head back to the car. Made it back just as all hell broke lose with sleet. Not the sort of place you want to get caught.

we found the horses on our walk


Was making a chicken risotto for tea and was cutting up a red pepper. Have never seen these inside a pepper before, but apparently they are baby peppers.

baby peppers


Been sticking to my nightly workouts. Mixing them up between aerobics and weights. Tonight was an upper body weight workout. Have got it linked onto the tv now makes it easier to work with.

upper body weight workout


Our tumble dryer was one of the ones involved in the product recall. But the last e-mail we had said it would be at least April before they could get to us for repair. So as I had a very small windfall we decided to take them up on their offer of a new one at a hugely discounted price.Ours is nearing four years old so seemed logical. They delivered for free and took away the old one and the packaging.

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  1. That reminds me! Our tumble dryer was one on the list and the communication on that has gone very quiet - although it had just been majorly fixed and serviced so maybe that cancelled it out. Anyway, the dam water is amazing - the birds clearly aren't bothered by the depth! Well done on your workouts - it can be tough to stay committed so go you! :)

  2. That's good news about the blood tests!
    Oh wow! Those baby peppers. I've not seen anything like them before.
    It sounds like the workouts are going well...
    I really need to ring up about our tumble drier...We got the letter a few weeks ago but I keep forgetting about it as we haven't used our drier in about a year.

  3. That bird must have been rather brave and glad you got back to your car before the heavens opened. Good that you can have bananas in a shake, Monkey should really look like his namesake, he eats so many of them! #366

  4. That's good news about your new tumble drier! I've sometimes found one baby pepper, but not lots of them! Good work on your workout. :)

  5. I saw your Facebook post on the baby peppers and was chuckling at some of the suggestions. Hope your eye is ok.

  6. That is great news regarding your health check - it is always nice to hear that everything is ok and functioning as it should
    Those little peppers - so many inside just one big one! Thats crazy
    Well done on the work out too - great going x

  7. Never seen baby peppers like that before! Not heard of geo-caching before, beautiful horses in the field. Good to hear happy news about your health :)

  8. Great news re blood tests! I have seen those bits inside sweet peppers, didn't know they were baby peppers. The dam looks very turbulent. And well done on sticking to your workout routine.

  9. Glad the blood tests were all ok.
    It's ages since I've seen little peppers in a pepper.

  10. lovely shot of the duck in the dam, glad to hear your blood test results came back normal, that must be a relief. You probably made a sensible decision to turn back rather than get caught in such a remote area in that weather

  11. It sounds like you are doing very well with your work outs. I need to really try and put some effort in. Those milkshakes sounds like they would go down a treat here too x


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