Wednesday 4 May 2016

Our rescue dog two weeks on.

Two weeks ago we made the decision to take on another dog, We decided a rescue dog was the best option for us and as we had been looking for a while we decided to go to one of the SSPCA rehoming centres.

rescue dog
one lucky dog

Hubby had been looking for a while on various dog rehoming sites but all the small terriers seem to get snapped up very quickly. I did not want a big dog and due to allergy issues a dog with fur was out of the question, needed to be a hair type dog. So we managed to find a suitable dog and drove through to Hamilton to have a look. We met Lilly,  We were told she has a minor issues with other dogs, well so did the last rescue dog we had, so we were not bothered by this.We then went for some lunch, went back for another look and decided she was the dog for us. So we left and went to buy the bits and pieces we would need for her when we got her home. 

saying goodbye to the staff
So the next day we went back, paid for her and brought her home. One of the items we had bought for her was a harness for the car. We got the SSPCA staff to fit it on her while they were putting on her new collar and lead. Well the harness did not stay on for long, she just twisted herself round and round and as it was not quite small enough she escaped. Since this incident we think she must have used this as a tactic in the past, she does this when we have her out and she wants off her lead, usually when we encounter another dog, as she wants to go and attack them. but thankfully having changed the harness for a smaller one she cannot get out of it. So I am hoping this behavious will stop, but she just seems to loose all sense of reasoning. 
We think she use to travel on the back parcel shelf of her last car as she tries to get up on ours, but she is settling down and now will sleep in the basket we have for her. 

in her bed attached to a seatbelt harness
In the house she is a great dog. She can be left and is not destructive, she comes when you call her, she goes to her bed when told to - ever time we eat  plus other times - and she will bark if somebody comes to the door but only for a few seconds and then quietens down. Hubby has got her learning hand signals and will stand in front of him, walk round to the side of him and sit pretty much every time she is asked to. She is allowed on the couch but she only gets up if invited and is sent back down if not invited, so again most times now she will sit and look at you until you allow her up.

on the couch

dad's away so mum will do

She likes to watch out of the window and used to jump up onto the coffee table in front of the window, but we have stopped her from doing that. She is not at all interested in playing with toys, does not chew soft toys and will bury a chew if you give her one, either put in the garden or will try various corners of the house if indoors.

She is settling down and is less clingy than she was when we first got her. But considering she left her first home, got rehomed with her daughter in a new home and then sent back on her own two days later for us to adopt thenit is no wonder she is unsettled.

at Auchincruive

Have to say what we were told was a minor issue with other dogs is actually a very major issue with other dogs. She becomes very violent and aggressive and twists round and round and round trying to get out of her harness. She gets herself totally agitated and I think if I was daft enough to get my fingers in the way they would get nipped by accident. She will go nuts to try and follow the dog that has just passed. Other times she just walks past with just a slight growl. She pulls a lot on her lead when out for a walk, and can be very unpleasant to walk at the moment. She also has a habit of jumping up on people which we are trying to stop by telling her no and walking away from her.

round the fishery
My task for the next few weeks is trying to get her to walk nice and not pull on her lead. I am going to try this by stopping every time she pulls, and I will only restart once she stops pulling. We have ordered a dog whistle and hubby is going to train her with this, her first command to learn with be to come back. We do let her off the lead in a field just over the back as we can keep an eye open easily as it is a big open space and we will spot any dogs before she does and pop her back on the lead.

Hopefully with consistency and patience she will become a great dog that we can take out and not have her pulling or showing aggressive behaviour.

at Dumfries House

She seems to be all right with the older two grandchildren and if we go down to daughters then Dinky likes to walk her round the living room on her lead. She will never be left alone with any of the grandchildren at any point any more than the last dog ever was, I would never trust any dog not to nip if a toddler/young child does something to scare or alarm it.

So far we have had her at some of the local parks and tourist attractions, she has been to the beach, and she even has her own geocaching tracker so she can log up the miles with us when we go caching. She had her first caching trip out today.

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  1. I have to admit that I'm not a dog lover, but the kids are and they are so desperate for a dog! My friend has three rescue dogs now and they're totally in love with them. Good for you taking in Lilly and giving her a good home. I'm sure she'll settle soon xx

    1. your kids wanting a dog is not always a good reason to get one, especially if it is you that would be left walking it etc.

  2. How adorable, what a licky little dog to have a second chance at a nice life. We have always got dogs from rescue centres and our next one will be the same x

    1. I think a rescue centre is a good place to get a dog from, as they do deserve a second chance.

  3. Aww she is a cutie. I have had three rescue dogs in the past at different times. One didn't work out as he would constantly trash the house but I managed to find him a home where he could spend lots of time outside and he lived a very happy life. My second was the best dog I have ever owned, he was almost human and fitted into our family so well. Sadly I had to leave him behind after the breakdown of my relationship but we had shared custody and he would come to stay with me at weekends until he got a tumour and had to be sent to sleep. My last one was an amazing little dog but didn't like our daughter when she was born and became very jealous so I found her a home without children and she was very happy. I will have dogs again one day but with the children around I will have to be very careful. Good luck with her xx

    1. shared custody was a good compromise, but it is heartbreakingly sad when you have to have them put down. A wise move to rehome if jealous of the children, better that than risk an attack.


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