Friday 13 May 2016

Taking Lilly round the river walk.

We brought Lilly into our family three weeks ago and in that time she has settled in well and is pretty much a perfect dog apart from around other dogs. So at the moment we try and walk her where she will not encounter too many other dogs as she gets quite stressed out by the experience. I know some say that defeats the purpose and she will only improve with contact but we are trying to build up trust and faith in us first and get her following basic commands. She is kept on a lead and it is all talk and no action by her so far.

Today we went down the back road and into the woods. A place we have never been in the three years we have lived in the village. We then followed the river path along and enjoyed the thousands and thousands of bluebells that are covering just about every inch of the three miles we walked.

a random tree - I liked the texture and pattern

Thousands of bluebells everywhere

just so many of them

 a red admiral butterfly

Lilly in the bluebells

Reflection in the river

 Lilly decided to roll in a nice fresh cow pat, so I washed the worst off in the river.

The walk was spoilt by the amount of rubbish in the river from an old van and a car, to a washing machine, dozens of tyres and areas of stagnant water as the river cant flow freely due to the trees and branches caught in amongst the rubbish.


  1. What a lovely dog. Hopefully she will soon settle fully. Its a shame about the rubbish in the river. There are so many places where rubbish can be left I never understand why it is just dumped

  2. Awwww I think you're going about it the right way, build trust with you first before introduction to other dogs. The bluebells look amazing and so spring

  3. I love how exploring with your new dog has meant new adventures and new finds for you. Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Wow beautiful pictures - especially the lavender. xx

  5. Lovely pictures with beautiful scenery! Everyone is different so are dogs. Eventually, she will blend in with others, it just a matter of time.

  6. Oh the bluebells are amazing! I'm sure with your patience and care Lily will soon be able to mix with other dogs :) x

  7. Beautiful blue bells !!!!


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