Saturday 28 May 2016

Project 366 week 21


We have some noisy visitors in the loft.

feeding the young


The day we take Bob to gymnastics and then take Lilly a run somewhere. Here she is having fun at playing amongst the rocks.

hunting biscuits


I do holiday relief cover in a warden controlled complex and every Tuesday morning they have a coffee morning. This week it was the eightieth birthday of one of the residents, and so he had asked me to join them for a slice of birthday cake. He had no idea his daughter was flying up from London and that she had asked over various childhood friends to attend as well as a few relatives. It was a lovely turn out and a good morning was had by all.

Happy Birthday


When I had my hearing checked the other week they found I had a loss in my left ear. So I was to go for an MRI scan to check it was nothing sinister and is just wear and tear in my advancing years. You get to take your own music with you if you want so I grabbed this one. Not an overly pleasant experience but just shut my eyes and concentrated on the music.

my choice in music


It was wet and raining but we went and played in the park regardless. They went home soaked to the skin and covered in mud but they had fun and did not want to go home,

wet and muddy but happy


We nipped out to buy some bits for the garden and stopped at Auchincruive for a run around. She really is now starting to behave like a terrier and pouncing on things and rooting around the long grass.

pouncing on a hand


How many of you are aware of the new married tax allowance that came into force in April last year? I thought it only came in this year and so phoned up to get it implemented on my tax code. If one of you in the household does not use up your tax allowance you can transfer £1100 of it to your husband/wife/civil partners tax allowance. I got in back dated to last April and got £212 back.( last year it was only 1060)  Not to be sneezed at. Find out more on the HMRC website if you think it applies to you.

new married tax allowance.


  1. Your noisy visitors are cute, but I probably wouldn't want them in my loft! It's lovely to read about the old gentleman's birthday. Must have been a lovely surprise for him.
    It's good that you got to take your own music to your MRI scan. They just gave me some sort of African tribal music in my ears!

    1. that was why I took my own music, at least it gave me something I knew to concentrate on in my head to try and overcome the impending doom feeling.

  2. Hope the results of the MRI come back clear. That cake looks lovely, hope he liked his birthday.Love the blackbird family - I fear Brewster would eat any we would get here #366

    1. now thats an idea....borrow a cat and get they sem to have flown away now, sadly in their practise runs they flew in and out leaving me parting gifts all over my car.

  3. Lilly is really settling in well isn't she? Hope the MRI comes back ok.

    1. yes she is settling in great. was a great buy and worth every penny.

  4. Hope MRI results are all good, I feel claustrophobic just reading about MRI scans. What a lovely birthday surprise for an old gentleman. Love mummy bird feeding her baby, so cute.

    1. Cannot say as I enjoyed the scan but just used relaxation techniques and tried to pretend I was elsewhere.

  5. I hope the MRI results are back quickly and are good news for you.

  6. Hope all's well with the MRI. Lovely to see Lilly settling in so well. We have similar visitors in the eaves, very loud!

  7. ooooh thats a lovely bonus from the government - not to be taken likely as so often you end up owing them money!
    Lily is settling in so well isn't she? Bless her, she is a pretty little dog.
    Fingers crossed the MRI scan will not reveal anything worrying. x


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