Friday 6 May 2016

We had a Movie Night

This week my daughter has been away on holiday, but as Fifi has to be at school then she stayed with us instead of going. Daughter had wanted to go during the Easter holiday but she was still not fit to drive after her C section so she could not go.

Fifi has a lot of things on before and after school most days but Tuesday night is one night she is free, so we asked her if she fancied having a movie night. We invited the other grandparents  Gran N and Grandpa T and asked if she wanted to invite a friend but she declined the offer and so it was just the five of us.

Gran N and Grandpa Tom 

We had been offered the chance to hold a retro movie night and Fifi chose the film from a list of ten, she chose Singing in the Rain a film I have to say I have never seen before. Films are a great way to bring the generation together and are a wonderful way for the older generations in particular to reminisce and remember their youth. Sunrise Senior Living who offer both residential care and assisted living with highly trained staff with individualised care plans suited to the needs of each individual, have film evenings and afternoons to allow their residents to stroll down memory lane. I am sure they remember fifty years ago more vividly than last week.

So we made a proper evening of it, we had a "pre-theatre" meal with pizza, crisps, dips and snacks, with some retro sweets and good old fashioned popcorn, well every good picture house offers popcorn. The highlight of our spread was my cake, made special for the evening.

retro night.
one home made cake

It was four layers of Victoria sponge with a coconut cream ganache in between the layers and round the outside. I topped it with ready to roll icing and put sour fizzy sweet ribbons round the outside. 

We were sent some posh popcorn, that went down very well and was enjoyed by all. Popcorn the staple of  any cinema visit for years, no idea why, the sort of thing little twits would chuck off the balcony level onto people below.

We also got discussing usherettes coming round with the ice cream and showing you to your seat with a torch. How you use to get some trailers and a small film before the main event. A lovely time reminiscing and letting Fifi know how things use to be.

The sweets we were sent got us all talking about the things us grandparents remembered from our childhood. I use to get an old halfpenny on the way to school in a morning and buy four black jacks with it. Fifi made us all laugh by emptying a whole packet of the fizz wizz popping corn into her mouth in one go. I was shocked the other week when I saw a 50p mix up in a local shop, 50p for a few sweets, makes taking a couple of children to the shop for a sweet expensive by the end of the week. 

Gran N had brought over some biscuits and juice with her so we added them to the table and all enjoyed tucking in. 

some of the food

I have to say it was a very pleasant evening with good company and a good film. It was also nice to get Fifi away from her phone and to enjoy her for the lovely young lady she is.

the popcorn is all gone

Disclaimer we were provided with the dvd, sweets and popcorn to allow us to spend the evening together.


  1. Aw how lovely! Glad you had a nice family night!

  2. Fifi is a very lucky little one to have such good grandparents. Your cake is brilliant - What a creative use of fizzy sweets! Feel free to join in with #BakeoftheWeek and show it off!

  3. I love a good movie night I try and have a movie night in with my hubby when Blake is in bed when we get the chance.

  4. What a fab idea, I hope you all enjoyed the film.

  5. This is such a brill idea. I might try this for the little ones birthday later on in the year.

  6. Looks like a fun night. I remember half penny sweets, those were the days!

  7. Oh my, that cake and all those sweets - I would be in heaven

  8. This is such a lovely idea - it is great to spend an evening together isn't it? My teen daughter and I regularly watch dramas together. Kaz x

  9. We regularly do a family film night and love that it is a tradition which has stuck with us for a few years now. We now have a popcorn maker and a chocolate fondue fountain so they have been great additions to our FFN :)


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