Saturday 13 August 2016

Project 366 week 32

DD2 is now overdue and Ziggy has passed his/her evacuation date with no signs yet of being ready to leave the warm cosy environment they are in. Hopefully next weekend will see the first pics of Ziggy.

update - DD2 saw her midwife on Monday and Ziggy not low enough for her to do a sweep. She to get induced on Monday if baby does not appear naturally before that.

Picked this up from DD3 who picked it up when she had been in Oban with DD2. This is from the wedding last year, the photographer they used on the day did nit have an option for extra copies and so they used various pictures to make up wedding albums for us and the other parents. Lots of great pics from the day. The book is beautiful and great quality printing and paper.


This was the car being brought back to the local garage for repair.Luckily enough I had remembered to renew my breakdown cover as this was the first day of the new policy year. Have always had breakdown cover but very rarely needed it and think this is the first tme I have ever had a car recovered.  Lets just say it was ouch to pay for. But need to keep it on the road so have no choice.


Had a few things to do in the town that I was going tp put off until Wednesday as I did not have a car. but DD1 needed a babysitter for Wednesday so she agreed to run me into the town and come back for me. Hubby watched the kids while she ran me in and she brought them all when she picked me up and we went to play at the beach park. Fifi spent most of the time hunting for pokemon.Love how the buckets and spades kept the older two amused.


Took the kids to the park while I was babysitting them, at least it stayed dry for us for a change.

Minky bless him played with the zip wire and spent more time chasing it than on it but still had lots of fun.


Visit day today, so Fifi came round to sit with Lilly. Getting on quite well with Minky's cross stitching that I am doing.


I was sent this very pretty sonic toothbrush a few weeks ago. Was not really sure how to use it as I was surprised they don't actually move much as in the way a conventional electric toothbrush does. It just seems to buzz and you have to do the work moving it backwards and forwards and up and down. For my liking I have to say I found the bristles a bit soft for my liking, But the results were quite impressive, and I hate grubby furry teeth.
It is a great size for popping into your bag and would be handy in a hospital bag. Runs on one supplied AA battery and also comes complete with a spare head. But I would recommend travelling with it with the battery out as the on/off button is not covered by the case and is very easy to switch on by accident.

New SONIC Chic URBAN                                                                                   
The SONIC Chic URBAN is a portable electric toothbrush hot off the runway, combining quality oral care with fashion. This convenient device vibrates to deliver an astonishing 22, 000 brushstrokes per minute, and comes complete with a vented cap meaning that you can hygienically keep it in your handbag. It’s the perfect companion whether you’re at a festival, travelling or on a night out.
SONIC Chic is available in a choice of six fashion inspired designs, so you can look and feel fabulous in a matter of seconds. The range includes on trend colours and prints such as Blue Maze, Ziggy, Starlight, Twister, Lovehearts and Tribal Quest. With a variety of chic options, you can choose one to suit your style or pick out the perfect gift for a friend


A nice wee win that turned up during the week, a great cross stitch kit, can never have too many of them.


  1. Exciting times ahead with a new arrival imminent! Pity about the car - they are such money pits and breakdown cover often seems like a gamble / waste of money. Hope it behaves from now on.

  2. Love the look of that cross stitch, both the kit and the one you've been doing. Sorry about the car, always a nightmare x

  3. Oh no such a shame about the car! Hope its back on the road now!

    Looks like they had fun at the park! Cute video.

    Love the cross stitch! Think I might have a go

  4. Exciting wait for the new arrival. Hope all goes smoothly when it happens.

  5. Wow how exciting. Hope baby makes an appearance soon. Love the cross stitch it's fab and what a beautiful photo. Sorry to hear about the car x

  6. Looking forward to Ziggy's arrival. I keep thinking about trying an electric toothbrush, but I'm never got round to it.

  7. Well done on your win! Looking forward to seeing Ziggy next week, hope his/her arrival will go smoothly. Your cross stitch work is always so pretty.

  8. What's the news with Ziggy making his/her appearance? Loving all the cross stitch, good job you renewed the break down, timing was both good and bad

  9. ooooh Elaine - has the baby arrived yet? I can't wait to see next weeks photo now! such brilliant cross stitch work there - made with such love and so lovely. what a shame about the car though :( blooming' things you can't live without them nowadays though xx


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