Saturday, 10 December 2016

Project 366 week 49

Been a lovely week filled with grandchildren and a night out with the girls from work.


DD2 came down with Ziggy for the week.


Love how Lilly likes to protect Ziggy. Sits at her side, or on her changing mat or lying on her play gym or om her blankets but is never far away.


A walk with the dog. I just love how she has come on in leaps and bounds, is so much more relaxed and content. She is so loving and just loves to be around people. Do not think we will ever deal fully with the dog issue and will have to accept that as part of her character.


Was a lovely day. I have not seen the children much at all in the last few weeks between them being ill and then me being ill so I had them for the afternoon. Went to the park, brought them up to the house for a while, took them home, fed them bathed them and did stories. Then had some time to play games with Bob before mum and dad came back.

Time we went back down the road to their house it was dark, and a lot of people had their Christmas lights on, they were fascinated and so excited by all the Santas, snowmen and flashing lights, it was a delight to walk with them and see their excitement.

adding you some baby giggles if you need cheering up.


A night out with the girls. We just went for a Chinese as I can not eat much on a Christmas Menu in a normal restaurant. We then went on to have a game of bowling, along to a pub for one soft drink and on my way home for just after ten.

I spent the night in the bathroom I am presuming with the sickness bug that is doing the rounds as everybody else was ok after the meal. My ribs still hurt two days later.


Spent a lot of the day up the stairs out the way as really did not want baby Ziggy catching my tummy bug.   DD2 was busy packing all her stuff up to move on to her friends for the night and Ziggy needing feeding before going in the car so Granddad got to feed her.


Now the cross stitching is finished the hama beads have been started, Hope they are recognisable.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now! At least you managed to have your night out before you were ill. It must have been lovely to spend so much time with the grandchildren this week.
    Your Hama beads are definitely recognisable!

  2. i am hoping this means you are much better now Elaine? Seeing your lovely grandchildren must be just the tonic to cheer you up. Ziggy is gorgeous! And the twins are so big now aren't they? and obviously enjoying their little sister. Great action shot of Lily. and the Harry Potter hama beads is brilliant! x

  3. Love the hama beads - my son would enjoy them too. Must have been nice to have Ziggy visit.

  4. The Hama beads look fantastic! Really hope you're feeling better soon - you've not much luck lately :(

  5. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Those hama beads are amazing. Now that's a challenge to try once we've progressed a bit

  6. So glad to hear Lily is improving around other people, love how she wants to be near Ziggy all the time. The hama beads look great, you have far more patience than i do

  7. Lovely photos! The kids are so cute! And yup those characters are definietly recognisable - Harry Potter right? Hope you're feeling better x

  8. Hope you are feeling better now! I am down with a cold today. Some nasty virus's going around! Love those hamas beads


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