Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Hunting for monkeys.

On Thursday Bob had an ophthalmology  appointment at the local hospital and so as per normal I am happy to look after the three younger ones. Rather than them get bored hanging around the hospital as the weather was nice I decided to go into the town with my daughter and take the children along the river to a small play park and off to Burger King for a treat. They decided we needed to look for monkeys while we were there.

So we got dropped off opposite the graveyard and went down the stairs and over the red bridge. I let Spud out the pram and she walked as well. She actually walks rather well and enjoys running to keep up with the gruesome twosome.

So over the red bridge which crosses over the river. They spent a while watching the river flow and as the water was high there were bubbles flowing down the river which really excited Dinky and had her giggling as she watched them. She noticed a lot of the river looked black (as this part was in shade) and some looked blue as the sun was shining on it. So on over the bridge with Dinky holding onto the side of the pushchair as there was a man sat at the end with two dogs and she does not like dogs. Minky liked that they were spotty ( Dalmations) and had a stroke at the one that was not on the lead after asking the man if he could. He always has to ask.

So across the river and along the path. The twins were wandering off and exploring and have to laugh as everywhere they go and everything they do Spud follows them and tries to copy. They were running up and down slopes and she follows, and manages to fall over constantly because she does not have the coordination or ability to do what they do. She does not realise she is only eighteen months to their nearly four years old, but has a good try and having older siblings is a good way to learn things the eldest child in the family do not have the chance to. She is a little girl with no fear of anything.

Did not get to many photographs as it is not easy to safely watch the three of them along the river from behind a camera.

I popped Spud back into the pushchair while we went back over another bridge which runs along the road to get back down to the other side of the river so we could play in the play park. We spent time looking at people walking underneath us when we were on the bridge and then watched people walking over as we passed under.

As we were walking along the river they spotted piles of leaves after we had fun kicking our way through them and Spud playing in them with her hands. We then did some colour sorting looking at the various shades or red and orange and seeing who could find another of the same colour first, slightly above Spud's head but she found leaves regardless of the colour. We also spent time looking for others that were the same shape as the one we had.

Next they decided they would throw leaves and sticks into the river. The sticks worked fine but the leaves just blew back onto us. They likened them to bubbles blowing and kept doing it because it was fun. A nice handy fence means I can take some photographs.

We spotted ducks and seagulls in the shallow edges of the water. But never found any monkeys, well apart from the three I took with me. 

Further along we came to the play park I knew was there. Not much in it I have to say and fairly old fashioned but I am thinking it was originally designed for use by the families in the flats at the side of it as it is walled on the level with the flats, up away from the river. 

The two girls went on the two swings to start with but they decided Minky was having more fun and decided to join him on the climbing frame. 

Minky needed rescuing from here once he got up as he was not sure how to get back down. Spud do not get two feet off the ground and Dinky went down the same way she went up.

Had a wee chuckle Spud did try and follow them up here but the gaps were too far apart for her to climb so I put her on the top so she could go down the slide, again and again and again.

Time was getting on by now, it had taken us approx ninety minutes to walk the mile, we were in no hurry, and Minky was saying he was starving......nothing new there
So we headed out the side of the park down the slope rather than going back down the flight of steps we had used to get in, had not realised there was an easier option. 

Minky decided he would roll down the hill, my heart was in my mouth as I was expecting him to get to the bottom covered in dog dirt, but no he either managed to avoid it all the time or there was none there. He has this well mastered, arms tucked in and off he goes, Bob still can't manage this yet. Dinky did not do quite so well at it, and had to chuckle at wee Spud, who lay down and then shuffled herself down feet first sort of backwards commando style, great try though. 

So we then wandered into the town and into Burger King for something to eat. First time they have ever been in there as it is not a place we can take Bob. Bought two kids club meals between them and an extra juice so they all had their own carton. Found it a bit strange that I was given in the assistance words "two girls toys and one boys" hmmmmmm three the same would have been a lot easier but she was for none of it. Lucky I got three toys I suppose as I only bought two meals, but really different toys for girls and boys in today's modern age surprised me.

A fun few hours and something different than the local park.

Country Kids


  1. It's great that you got to give these three a fun morning exploring rather than them waiting in the hospital, they all look like they've had a blast. Pooh sticks is always a hit with kids this age and it's great to see them experimenting with leaves too. That park looks like a wonderful place to stop and let the kids burn off any excess energy before heading for a treat lunch.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. love how experiments are so natural and come from the innocence of their own actions.

  2. I love how much fun children can have with things as simple as throwing sticks into the river. It looks and sounds like they had a great time :) #CountryKids

    1. yes I have learnt that you don't need money to have fun with children, the best things in life are free.

  3. Welll done on you doing all that with 3 of them walking part the way. I'm a nervous wreck with one by our canal let alone 3 by the river!! Looks like you had a load of fun! I agree re the toys at Burger King, I'd have wanted all the same toys too!! Love how the littlest follows them round the park. So cute! #countrykids

    1. eyes in the back of your head, luckily the bits right along the river are fenced off. My daughter, quite rightly they are her children, expressed a concern for me taking the three of them along the river. Luckily they are well brought up and if you say "stop" they know that means right now with no room for argument.

  4. I love a day filled with simple things like exploring and running around in the great outdoors! Glad you had such a fine day despite having to deal with a hospital trip. #countrykids

    1. sadly hospital trips are a regular part of Bob;s life with the amount of different medical issues he has and the amount of specialists he sees in different fields and at different hospitals. Its nice to help out saves my daughter a lot of stress.


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