Saturday, 14 October 2017

Project 365 week 41


Sadly last weeks snowman seems to have melted a bit....


This week has been about the back fence. As my regular readers may remember in the high winds we had back in Spring we had tied the fence to the clothes pole to stop it blowing over as some of the fence posts had rotted and snapped. As there is no direct route between our garden and next doors ( we are mid terraced) and it was too far to hump everything round and keep walking round the block to get from our garden to next doors so hubby decided the easiest way was to cut a piece of the fence away and then make it into a gate when he had finished.


Fifi has been in The Cadets for a couple of years now, and loves it, despite the ironing and discipline. She seems to thrive on it. At the weekend she was away to Aldershot with other Scottish swimmers to represent Scotland in a swimming competition. Despite being a nearly twelve hour bus trip over night the team managed a gold overall and Fifi won a silver. She has also been promoted to Corporal, not bad for a 14 year old. Her few years of swimming at 6am twice a week plus evenings and weekends for the council swim team has paid off.


Needed to go and pick up another fence post and two more bags of post mix. Went via the charity shops but nothing caught my eye.
Hubby finished off the fence and I finished off sewing the ends in on my crochet blanket and finished off the seams on the quilted blanket. They are now on the auction website if you fancy a bid on them or something else that you fancy.


Bob had another appointment, ophthalmology this time, so is at our local hospital. As the weather was nice I got DD1 to drop me and the three wee ones off near the river walk so we could walk into town along the river via a play park and have a burger king.  We had a lot of fun. Blog post to follow.


I have been having problems with sciatica, it is fine when I am walking or on my feet but when I am sitting or when I stand the pains are uncomfortable to say the least. Do not think my aged couch is helping the problem so when one of the residents in the complex I holiday relief clean in was looking for a new home for an electric adjustable chair, so I gave it a new home. So far so good and by back and legs felt better today.
Need to find a way to lose the cables and the junk that use to live in the corner behind the couch. Maybe another charity shop hunt for something is on the cards this week.


Two weeks ago I used a picture of my vouchers last week a picture of the radio I bought with them. Well this week my vouchers turned up that I won from a competition on Facebook with Gala Bingo. A great replacement.


  1. Well done on another win. Sciatica is such a pain isn't it, since having my son I get it from time to time too. That poor snowman :( #365

    1. very few wins this year but a nice one to have

  2. Your hubby has been busy! Well done with the fence and to Fifi. It sounds like she is doing so well with the cadets. Good luck with the chair. I hope it helps. x

  3. Gosh lucky you winning all those vouchers! And we'll done to FifI for the amazing swimming results! #365

    1. yes vouchers always come in handy and the swimming results were amazing

  4. Well done on your win! And well done to Fifi for her swimming and her promotion.

    1. Thank you, Fifi makes us proud all the time.

  5. I had sciatica when I was pregnant and it's not nice. Hope you feel better very soon. Congrats to Fifi and wow to 6am swimming lessons. That is so early!!

  6. Well done to Fifi on the swimming! That's amazing! Lovely photo of the three little ones and hope the chair helps with the sciatica.

  7. Well done to Fifi, that's brilliant! Hope the chair continues to help. Well done on winning the vouchers :) Love the photo of the three little ones x

  8. Aww poor snowman!

    Well done to Fifi that is fab and well done to you on your win on the vouchers!!

    Hope the chair continues to help with the pain.


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