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5 Essentials To Improve Your Pet's Life

Adopting a pet can significantly change your life in ways you wouldn’t have suspected otherwise. However,
if you want to develop a strong and powerful bond with your new furry friend, you need to work actively to
make their life better too. Indeed, a pet is not just an exciting gift you get for Christmas. It’s a long-term
commitment. Consequently, you need to understand everything that pet adoption and pet ownership involve to
ensure that you can have the same positive effect on your pet’s life than it has on yours.
Let’s assume that you’re ready to commit to love and look after a pet – cat or dog. Don’t be fooled into thinking
that your responsibilities stop at feeding and providing a roof! You have a lot more to give to become a dream
pet owner for your dog or cat. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know to these are the top 5 essentials that most owners
tend to forget.

#1. Get an insurance cover
While receiving medical treatment through the NHS is free, it’s not the same for your pet. Veterinary treatment
comes at a price – and you’ll find it extremely high if you have never had to pay for a medical appointment in the
past. On top of the appointment, you will also face high bills for your pet’s surgery requirements. As an example,
surgery on a cat following the absorbing of a hairband can cost around £800. On the other hand, if you were to undergo
an appendicectomy – aka if you were to have your appendix removed –, it wouldn’t cost you anything.
Ultimately, the difference here is the health insurance cover. While the NHS covers for most of your personal
medical costs, you have to pay for your pet’s costs. Consequently, taking insurance cover is not just helpful in
terms of prevention. It is essential to look after your pet without breaking the bank!

#2. Massage your pet
Do you love the sensation of a massage when you’re feeling tensed and nervous? A good massage can
relax your shoulder and back area and help you to relax. Your dog and your cat, if they enjoy being petted, can a
lso benefit from a massage. First of all, a massage lets you establish a trust bond with your animal. It’s also
an excellent way of checking on your pet’s health, as you can notice skin and muscle issues early. As a general
rule of the thumb, a pet can experience pain relief through a massage and reduced tensions, which makes it a
fantastic alternative support for arthritic dogs.

#3. Yes, your pet can get stressed too
Everybody gets stressed in life, whether you’ve just received an unexpected bill or you’re stuck in a traffic jam.
Dog and cat also struggle with stress issues for a variety of reasons. However, while you can use a mediation
app or find a therapist to help you through your problems, your dog will need a different approach.
An effective and safe calming treatment is the natural dog CBD oil, which can be used to treat anxiety and
boost appetite. You’ll find the oil in different forms, from capsules to treats, so you might need to try a few options
before finding what works for your dog. Cats also respond to natural ingredients, catnip being the most famous
of them. You can help your cat to experience stress relief through the consumption of the plant –
but it’s also beneficial to humans!

#4. Play at least 15 mins a day
A cat or a dog is a companion. It’s not an item of decor that you can forget when you’ve got no time.
Consequently, it’s essential to maintain regular interaction with your pet. Playing with your dog or cat
at least once a day keeps your animal mentally, physically and emotionally fit. In fact, an animal that is
left unattended can develop boredom, depression and destructive habits. When all you need is
15 minutes to strengthen your bond, it would be a pity not to take the time.

#5. Create their room
When you adopt an animal, you agree to share your home with them. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should
make room for them in the wardrobe. But ultimately, your pet needs a space to call their own. Just like you’ve
got your bedroom, your dog or cat needs a bedding solution too, where they can relax. Cats also enjoy climbing toys,
from a cat tree to floating shelves as the construction allows them to stay agile. In fact, if you want to avoid
accidental damages at home, you’d better find a climbing toy to keep your cat occupied!

In conclusion, there’s only one question left to ask, and it’s not whether you’re guilty of forgetting any of these
essentials. It’s: When do you start to do everything right for your pet?

This is a collaborative post.

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