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Your Guide To Taking Care Of Yourself As You Age

The earlier we start taking care of ourselves, the better. Eating right and exercising isn’t something we should
start doing when we feel we’re carrying some unhealthy weight or when we start getting out of breath going
up the stairs; it something that we should do to prevent those things from happening.
However, it’s important to note that it’s never too late to start, and if you’re determined enough
you can completely turn your life around!

Taking care of yourself as you age is about so much more than eating healthy and
exercising, though, as important as those things are. Below we have further advice you can
use to take care of yourself as you age. Take a look and get started now:

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Changing The Way You Think
You can’t expect to change anything that is going on in your outside world before you
change things that are going on inside of you: that is a fact. Changing the way you
think can help you to live a happier, healthier life full of possibility. But how do you do this?

  • Pay more attention to your thought patterns - are they negative or positive?
  • How can you change negative, limiting beliefs into positive beliefs?
  • Where do you think you picked these beliefs up? Why might they not be true?

There are lots of ways you can rewire your brain: affirmations, changing the
way you act to change the way you feel, body language, CBT, a
nd more. Check out some resources online to get started!

Planning For A Stress Free Future
Nobody wants to picture a future full of stress and worries. Start planning for a stress
free future now. Creating a will and selecting a power of attorney will give you peace
of mind. Looking into elderly care may help out your family if you know you’ll need it
one day, or could be suitable for an elderly relative. Putting money into an emergency
savings fund, as well as investing money can help you to protect yourself should your
financial circumstances change.

One way to decide what you need to do is come up with your ideal visualization of the
future, and then create a series of baby steps for a plan that will help you to achieve

Keep Up Regular Medical Appointments
Don’t skip the doctors, dentists, or audiologists appointment! You don’t need to be
suffering from health issues to go for a quick check up. In fact, doing these things could
save you from pain and stress in the long run. I currently have appointments booked for an
annual asthma review as well as a smear test.

Find Things That Make You Happy
What’s the point in it all if we’re not doing the things that make us truly happy?
Try out different hobbies and spend time doing things that make you lose track of time.

Take Better Care Of Your Mental Health
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and the two can go hand
in hand. Eating well and exercising will positively impact your mental health too,
but make sure you do things such as reducing stress factors in your life, meditating,
and getting plenty of sleep!

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  1. Over the last few years I have stopped stressing so much about things. Life is so much easier when you are not worrying about little things.
    My fella and I have both made wills. We don't have much to leave to anyone but it covers who we want to look after the kids and things like that. x


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