Tuesday, 12 February 2019

That New Car Smell

Yes we all love it that smell of a shiny new car but in this article we will take a look at whether you can live without it in favour of investing in a used car so let's begin by looking at some of the benefits of buying second hand.
It has long been in the minds of most of us that second hand or used car dealers were at best a bit dodgy and at worst downright dishonest after all most of us know or have heard of an Arthur Daley under the arches "quality car " dealer, this may have been the case decades ago but now there are many very good used car dealers around although it does always pay to be careful and do your research.
There are many advantages to buying a used car from a reputable and trusted source such as our local garage/ dealer - Check out KAP Motor’s huge collection of used cars at its Brighton Centre.  The main advantage being cost as there are often many very good deals to be had on used cars and finance is readily available often at a much cheaper rate that of a new car, also add the benefit of someone else having already paid the sales tax and take into account that new cars start to depreciate as soon as you drive them off the dealers forecourt .

Another very good reason to buy used is that often you will get a much higher spec car that is to say you can get all the extras such as leather interior, decent sound system, built in satnav and very nice alloys that would normally cost you a lot more as added extras on a lot of models thereby saving you quite a considerable amount of cash, also when buying used any problems there may have been with your chosen model and indeed in many cases any manufacturer recall has already been dealt with saving you considerable time and money, it is always sensible to check for recalls as there are more than you may think.
So there we have it new car versus a much cheaper better spec good quality well serviced and often very low mileage car that has been HPI checked and inspected by the dealers own mechanics and most used cars come with a decent and sometimes balance of the manufacturer's warranty ensuring you won't be burdened with expensive repair costs, as for that sought after new car smell I think that I would rather have the smell of a few thousand pounds that I have saved in my bank account.

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