Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Getting to Know Artificial Grass

The modern housing designs are trending, and so are the lawns. Gone were the days where
you have to mow, water, and fertilise your grass lawns because artificial
grass lawns has become the new queen of the backyards.
From stadiums and soccer fields, artificial grass lawns has become the new
fave of homeowners since it became accessible to the public. It offers a natural looking
grass lawn and you can actually customise the colours to suit it to your liking.

Fibres of artificial grass is made up of nylon or polyethylene. Put together into a rubber backed
fabric that has tiny walls in it so that water can pass through.
Normally, blades of an artificial grass is 1 or 2 inches long. Again, you can customise the
colours of your artificial grass if you want to mimic a real grass and make it more
natural-looking. The texture of your artificial grass depends on the quality of it.


Artificial grass lawns can be installed on concrete areas or even gravel and soil. Just as long as there
is a proper drainage system in it. To prevent the artificial grass from moving, the installer will add layers of
sand above it and top the artificial grass that is made up of fabric. To achieve best results, dig up some parts
of your backyard where you will want to install your artificial grass.

Although the installation process is costly, and will require a lot of work process, it can save you time,
money and effort in the long run since you don't need to maintain it the way you maintain your real grass lawn.
Artificial grass lawns can last up to 10 years if properly installed and taken care of. It will also give you that
golf-course-feels right at your backyard. It's also a creative design to cover cracks and such damages in your
concrete landscapes.  


Financially, you'll have to say goodbye to a huge amount of money if you're planning to install an artificial
grass. Although, in the long run, it is definitely worth every penny. All in all, artificial grass is economical.
Just make sure that when you are planning to install, that artificial grass is approved to be
installed in your town.

Our neighbour has artificial grass and I have to say it looks much nicer than what we have here. Though while I am sure my dog prefers the real thing hubby would prefer what next door has.

This is a collaborative post.

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