Saturday, 2 March 2019

Project 365 week 9

This week has been about adding extra minutes/miles into my daily routine. These are over and above the walks I normally do with the dog so they are faster paced so a bigger distance for the same time.


Took a 33 minute walk after work. I know it is not much but on top of the 7 miles I did at work it was enough.
Today's picture is two odd socks, the matching odd socks are at DD1's as I sent my washing down to her as my new washing machine that has had one repair is knackered again.


Took time out to go for an extra walk, 1.6 miles and picked up a cache. Spotted this post box.


A couple of good walks today adding an extra 3.5 miles to my daily total. Spotted this chap eating what looked like an apple.


Back to Auchincruive now my freezer is up and running for my cheap chicken, so roast chicken for tea tonight and lots more for the freezer. .

Added twenty minutes of extra moving time playing with the Wii Fit, would have been longer but visitors turned up.

Had a lovely surprise - a competition prize. twenty five walls of wool. Look out for pictures with items I make.

Only walk of the day was 1.5 miles round the village with the dog.


A walk round the beach park with the dog, lunch and some shopping followed by another walk along the beach with the dog. 4 miles added to the total. The tractors had been down cleaning the beach.


A busy busy day, only time I sat down all day before 9pm was to eat.

Made Spud's birthday cake, and some for Bob, cooked up six nights meals to do the weekend and the freezer, decorated the cakes once cooled, walked the dog , went down and took the three wee ones to the park, feel like I have not seen them or done anything with them in months.

Back home to make tea, walked the dog again and took delivery of a home shopping. Lastly dismantled the kitchen, moved the tumble dryer out and unhooked the washing machine ready for it to be changed over in the morning.


An early start as need to take Spud's cake and pressie down to her. Three already. Was not sure at what time we would get back so did not want to leave the cake until then in case we were to late with it.

Going to pick up Bob's hospital prescription from his hospital in Glasgow and then off to the Free From Show at the SEC. Some free samples and a few items to blog about got while I was there. Will do a post on the show when I get chance.

Got the new washing machine today, seems to be fine with no issues closing the door.

Total mileage as off Friday night is 246.9, that is 40.3 miles this week.My highest mileage so far, but that was my aim.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of walking. Nice to be able to celebrate Spud's birthday with them.

  2. Good for you doing all that walking. Hope Spud had a good birthday. I do like the look of that postbox. Glad you have the washing machine sorted now as well as the freezer.

  3. Ugh! For broken washing machines.
    What a pretty postbox. How lovely.
    It sounds like you have done plenty of walking this week.
    Happy birthday to Spud! The cake looks fab! x

  4. What a busy week for you! Well done on 40 miles! I have a basket of odd socks, ours are forever getting lost in some black hole. Nice prize!
    Happy birthday to Spud! The cake looks lovely.

  5. Well done on walking all those miles. Thats brilliant. The beach looks a lovely place to walk although sand must be harder going. Love the cake and good news on the washing machine. Congratulations on the wool win, can't wait to see what you make.

  6. Oh dear, broken washing machines are not good. That is one lovely looking postbox, really unusual. You have done a lot of walking this week, hope you've enjoyed. Happy birthday Spud. Well done on the cake, looks fab xx

  7. Glad the new washing machine seems to be ok, well done on the wool win #365

  8. Happy birthday to Spud! You've done some really good walking this week. Love the photo on the beach.

  9. When your first told as a parent children grow up so fast you don't quite believe it. It's only through seeing it for yourself that you realise it is so true. #365

  10. happy birthday to Spud, lovely cake. Well done on all the walking. Glad you know where your odd socks have gone, i'm still looking for one of mine from the first week here

  11. Looking forward to seeing what you creat with all the wool! Love the romantic postbox #project365


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