Saturday, 14 September 2019

Project 365 week 36 and 37

We went away for what was going to be ten days holiday, up to Oban to see DD2, SIL2, Ziggy and Roo. The holiday was spoiled by a) the rain, which normally does not stop me, and b) this hacking cough that is getting no better, in fact worse. Day and night walking and sitting, little sleep and pain shooting through my temples ever time I cough has just made me miserable and tired. Could not even think straight to knit properly, and realised I had started on the third sleeve for a cardigan I was knitting, so gave up on that. though I did manage a few pumpkin inspired items for the prem baby unit.

Came home early for a GP appointment, they have changed my inhaler. Changed me about 15 weeks ago when they sent me for a chest XRay. I had asked them to change again as I could feel the one they gave me was doing no good, but policy is minimum 3 months to give it time to work, so now passed the 3 month stage and they agreed to a change. The warning that comes with it says in some patients it can make symptoms worse and to inform the GP immediately but they still insisted I stay on it.

Was keeping everybody awake with my cough so took myself down to the couch, poor SIL slept down there the first night as I woke Ziggy so she went in with her mum and dad, I was not sleeping anyway so made no odds to me.

Sadly while we were there they had to say goodbye to Jack Jack, their 12 yr old golden lab, DD2 rescued him from the SSPCA when he was just a puppy. He has been on many an adventure with our dogs over the years. The first dog we had, Shorty dog, use to terrify him and he always came into our house warily and she use to pinch his bones and toys and lie on top of them so he could not get them. Run free Jack dog and hope Shorty dog is nicer to you at Rainbow Bridge.

So two weeks pictures, not in any particular order, just random ones from our time away as the brain is not functioning well.

on the beach getting wet and mucky having lots of fun 

part way up Glen Nevis that leads to Ben Nevis 

another vies up Glen Nevis

Glen nevis

walking round the coast 
I stayed up the high bit they scrambled over the rocks at lower levels. 

ducks swim through the algee on the pond

this caught my eye parked at Tarbet car park 


another at Glencoe 

she loves to climb logs and rocks 

feeding time while mum and dad were away 

from McCaigs tower 

in the park 

a very cute Roo is good at pulling her socks off

a Triumph meet at Inverary Castle 

Loch Lomond

a painted window at Tesco Oban

another painted window at Tesco Oban 


Found this in our bed when we got back, and wondered where it had come from. Phoned DD1 to ask if it belonged to any of the kids as I knew she had been up while we were away. One of the local ladies paints rocks and I had admired this on her FB page. She had passed it to DD1 to give to me, so she tucked it into our bed for safe keeping.
Thanks Jeannie.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your cough, that sounds horrible. I hope the new inhaler helps. Sorry to hear about your daughter's dog too, that must have been heartbreaking to say goodbye to him.
    Beautiful photos. DD2 lives in a stunning place. Roo is growing fast and looking so cute.

  2. Hope your cough will disappear soon, it sounds very nasty. Fingers crossed, the new inhaler does the job properly. RIP Jack, hugs to you all.
    The scenery is beautiful, and baby Roo is such a cutie pie.

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry the holiday wasn't great. I hope you feel better soon.
    That pumpkin outfit is just adorable!
    I am so sorry about Jack.
    Fantastic photos!
    Aww! That rock is so sweet. x

  4. Hope the cough eases soon. Cute rock- that's nice to give it to you.

  5. Lovely photos, looks like a beautiful place to visit. So sorry to hear your cough doesn't seem to be getting better! I hope it does go away soon as hacking coughs are the worst!

    Aww sorry to hear about Jack. He looked like a lovely dog.

  6. Suxh stunning views, I'm very envious. Sorry to hear about Jack and the inhaler issues, hope the cough is better for you soon #365

  7. Lovely pictures of Glen coe, Glen Nevis and the castca and paintings. Hope you all had a great time. Sorry to hear about your cough and issues with the inhaler. I hope it got better. The rock is adorable.
    Goodbye, Jack Jack

  8. Hope you are better soon or at least they get the medication right. The pictures of your trip are amazing - wonderful scenery.

  9. Poor Jack Jack, so sorry to hear that news. Love the painted rock. Really hope the change in inhaler helps you with the coughing

  10. Oh no I'm so sorry the holiday wasn't great. I hope you feel better soon.That pumpkin outfit is just so cute. I am sorry about Jack xx

  11. Looks like we missed lots of lovely sights from Scotland on our holiday: we'll have to go back! #project365

  12. Sorry to hear you are still bad, I hope the new inhaler helps? Looks like some beautiful walks and views while you were away. Roo is so cute! Loving the painted rock how thoughtful x


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